– New Way of Investing in Unit Trust

Online shopping has become a trend since many years ago. I personally prefer to do online shopping due to it’s easier to compare prices of different products online, which will help you to save more money.


Fundsupermart is one of Asia’s online Unit Trust distributors. It acts as a one-stop solution for internet-savvy investors. Holdings can be consolidated under one roof. Visitors to the site possess different levels of financial and technical knowledge and seek a variety of information. Furthermore, they have funds that cover major markets and sectors from as many as 13 Top Fund Houses.

As an online distributor, their system processes trade orders automatically, and will only require the short transaction time. They also put higher priority on responding to user queries in a timely manner. As I known, Fundsupermart is acting as a middleman. I-Fast is a Singapore-based financial adviser platform and in Malaysia it is a partnership with OSK Investment Bank Berhad.

Now what I can said is, has made its way into the Malaysian market but local consumers are yet to warm up to the concept of online funds compared to those in developed economies. In fact, Fundsupermat is celebrating its 10th year anniversary in Singapore as the largest online Unit Trust Distributor.

Why Is Better Than Conventional Fund House?

There are many advantages that you can obtain if you invest in fundsupermart rather than conventional houses, as there will have unit trust specialist. They also have an in-house research team providing independent research on unit trust investments.

Besides that, it is only 2% sales charge or less! You may found that it’s 50% lower than conventional while returns still great.

They have better research content and online tools. They conduct their own research with own proprietary data and analytical tools. You can make use of the Chart Centre, Fund Returns Calculator, Funds Selector and other tools which may not only help you to select funds, but also build your winning portfolio.

Benefits of Investing with

There will not be any fees for opening an account; there are also no charges for maintaining an account. Investors may enter the market anytime they want. will revolutionize the way you invest in Unit Trust. It will be more hassle free to invest around the world.

They will organizing a seminar at The Apartment @ the Curve, 30th May from 1pm – 3pm. Mostly seminars regarding investing opportunities and financial/investment usually expensive whereas the seminar organized by fundsupermart is free of charge.

Find out how you can get tickets to the seminar here ( You can also get more information by accessing this

2 thoughts on “ – New Way of Investing in Unit Trust”

  1. thanks for this info David …

    I agree with ONLINE unit trust, it saves tones of money in long term …

    However, Malaysians are not warmed up, either it’s due to not enough publicity in the service or Malaysians are busy, so, they would like someone to service them and don’t mind paying for extra “service charge”

  2. Online unit trust as explained by David is definitely more efficient and effective way of investing for unit trust. If you have enough knowledge and time, you can invest through Fundsupermart platform. There is lower sales change but no free switching benefit. If you don’t have enough knowledge and time, you can invest through iFAST platform. Under iFAST platform, you can select a licensed advisor affiliated with iFAST to assist you. Even though you will need to pay for advisory fee, it offer free switching among different company’s funds. As a result, you can adjust your unit trust portfolio easily for free.
    Online unit trust platform will definitely change the way Malaysians invest their unit trust forever. It’s a matter of time.

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