Global Economic Rankings

Based on global competitiveness report 2008-2009, United States continues to be the most competitive economic in the world and closely followed by Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and Singapore.

From the analysis of top 10 global economies ranking, Singapore, Netherlands and Canada are on the way up. Singapore top ranked among Asia countries due to the strength of market efficiency and having the world-class infrastructure like transport facilities.

Economic Ranking

Why US Economic Still Top Ranked Globally?

The ability of country to grow depends on its ability to do business globally. This can be proved since US has the highest gross domestic product value (app US$ 13millions). This mean that US have good total market value of all goods and services that produced.

GDP Ranking

Furthermore, US have excellent and strong business sector in R&D. They’re very success in research and training services quite several years ago. And, employment rate in US is considerable high.

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