Global Financial and Economic Outlook

In today’s new world, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the global economy is now headed down again. We can see from Asian to Europe and then to the US, all the importance economies data are rolling over and in some countries, it is even starting to smell like a double dip recession.

Global Economic Outlook

Following of the Moody’s which has recently downgraded Portugal’s sovereign debt to the junk status, it illustrates that there’re still lack of confidence of European politicians in resolving the growing European debt crisis.

However, we’re not going to ask those financial analyst expert about the future economy growth because they will only try to convince us that the real economy is still recovering well and that any slowdown will only be temporary. Anyhow, we try not just to blame it on the Japanese tragedy, Greece debt crisis or something else that could dampen our economy but we should always think positive in this current context.

So what’s on the menu today? Until now, there’re many issues happened within past 6 months such as crazy central bankers keep on printing money, riots everywhere, rising food costs, uncontrolled Western debt, massive unemployment in the developed countries and the bombardment of Libya. All this could not be an accident, could it?

It’s strongly recommended that all investors should always view the world from a perspective which includes multiple possibilities, especially on the political side of things. And, do not get too obsessed with any extreme predictions on certain economic data.

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