Good News For EPF Account Holders

What do you think about the lower service charge set by the EPF? Currently unit trust companies can charge up to 6.5% in service charge for investments. This is either Public Bank or Public Mutual rate, which are the highest unit trust rates among other’s unit trust. From Jan 1 2008 all investment that are done through EPF will only be charged a max of 3%. It’s great news for those who invest in unit trusts through EPF. Do you think that’s low enough or is it still high?

Anyway, it’s a great move for EPF to force to reduce the service charge; this will make the UT industry more healthy and active. Indirectly, this move will make all the UT companies to reduce the normal service charge as well.

I think people should not just think of it from one point of view.
Lowering the initial fee is good for EPF investors, but it is actually cutting the commissions of agents. Indirectly, it would cause agents not willing to handle EPF cases, thus not making the investors any good as well. Am I right?

There are 2 accounts in your EPF.
=>Account 1, 70% of your money goes towards your retirement and can only be withdrawn once you reach the age of 55.
=>Account 2, 30% of your money, can be used to obtain a housing loan, education, medical expenses, and pre-retirement withdrawal at age of 50 instead of 55.

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  1. u r really good planner..but i thnk if account 2 only have rm10000 inside, then every month only rm10-rm100 can be withdrawn ,right?

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