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We have heard a lot of bloggers complaint about Google Adsense accounts getting banned. Most of the reason observed in most of these cases is click fraud. Do you know what is click fraud? It is the act of clicking on ads for the purpose of earning income from the advertisers. Based on the Google Adsense terms of service and policies, if the publishers perform click fraud then it will result in their accounts being banned. Thus, please don’t try to play this fool game.

Most of the people have their same thinking that forming a click fraud community to help each other to click their ads is healthy activities since Google may not know the person perform self-clicking as the IP address always different. This is stupid action entirely. Google can do more than what you expected!!!

How Google Detect The Invalid Click?

As I known, Google AdSense team uses their powerful tools to detect the click fraud activities on your website:

Detection Techniques: Each click on an Google AdSense ad is monitored by Google system or their proprietary software. Mostly, Google will record the IP address of each click, the time of the click, and duplicate clicks. So, it’s better not to perform self-clicking even using different computer.

Google Specialized Tools: Google team always uses the specialized tools & techniques to check individual click fraud. If Google system detects that is potentially an invalid click, then the member’s account will have higher possibilities to get banned.

Besides, the easiest way for an account to get banned is by clicking on the site’s own ads. Google always watch for multiple clicks from the same domain. If there are the spikes in click-through percentages, which rise from a consistent 1% click-through rate (CTR) to a 20% click-through rate (CTR), then your account could become suspect.

Final said, please don’t click on the site’s own ads ever. Remember one thing, once Google bans your accounts, the revenue is returned to the advertisers.

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