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There are a lots of malls that in Penang Island like Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, Timesquare, One Stop, Bukit Jambul Shopping Mall, Prangin Mall and etc but for now I tend to hang out at Gurney Plaza. However, Gurney Plaza car park rates a bit higher if compared to other shopping malls.

As I know, the Gurney Plaza car parking rates is as below:
i) Multi-storey car park
RM1.00 per 1st 3 hours. Then, continued by RM1.00 for subsequent hour. (Monday – Friday.
RM3.00 per 1st 3 hours. Then, continued by RM1.00 for subsequent hour. (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)

ii) Basement car park
RM1.50 per 1st hour. Then continued by RM1.00 for subsequent hour.

Overall, it’s way too high for public to park their car there and I personally suggest to have RM3 per entry for unlimited hours of parking!

It is much more cheaper if you park your car outside during weekend. Outside Gurney Plaza, the cost of parking charged by the Municipal Council is 40 cents but some places only 30 cents. So, this is the great information for you and please don’t get conned by parking attendants who may charge you more than that rate sometimes. So, no matter how long you will park, you just mention that you only park there for 30 minutes, don’t care if they have to keep updating every half an hour because it is their job. If they never update it, then you can save your money.

But if you are driving a spanking new car, I don’t think you may want to park your car outside, right? If you still insist to park your car outside, it may not guarantee that your car will be safe after trying to save RM1.20.

3 thoughts on “Gurney Plaza Car Parking Rates”

  1. I totally agree with u…

    However,I got 1 trick for u…

    For example,you plan to shop there from 12pm to 6 pm..
    So,You pay RM1.00 for the 1st 3 hours..then pay it again after the next 3 hours using the same card…

    Total is only RM2.oo for 6 hours..

    Try it out..It works 😉

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