Health Important Than Money ?

What is the connection between money and health? Many people probably making the best money of their career but spending little time for their health. What is the use of money if you don’t have great health? So, these are the thinking that may motivate you to make your own stand.

Always ask yourself…Would you like to be able to retire rich and healthy? If yes, then you should do something for your future. According to the recent survey, high living and high-pressure lifestyle will encourage someone to suffer more badly. In the other words, people who are rich is not as healthy as average person.

Are you getting sufficient Total Health Nutrients? As you getting older, your well-being gets more valuable. So we should know on how to take care of our health. PATH Medical is a right place for you to achieve total health. Besides, finding effective ways to reduce stress is the key to keeping healthy and living longer plus stronger.

Usually people think that the path to financial wealth is through one’s job. If you are like me and believe that financial wealth is about having enough income and set aside some portion of your money to finance your life, your current income and savings plan will help you to build true financial wealth. At last, if you have good financial wealth, it will guarantee you to achieve your healthy life also. This is what most expert said, “The Rich Stay Healthy, The Poor Stay Sick !!!”

For me, money and health are equally important and we cannot rank it in terms of importance. I have come to think of money as being about having choices. Typically, the more money you have, the more positive choices you have. Thus, you can do lot of thing include your ways to maintain and improve your healthiness also.

3 thoughts on “Health Important Than Money ?”

  1. To me health is more important. If u’re rich no health also can’t do anything. Sumtimes, money can’t heal the pain also. But then if got health no money still can do something about it. If no health and no money then that’s the worst of all liaooo….

  2. I agree with you, but for me, without money, cant actually maintain our health.

    I do saw a lot rich you, their look are very young, like our ex-PM, already 80 plus year old, still look very healthy

  3. Yeah…
    What’s the point of having so much money when you are too sick to enjoy it?

    In the end, it will be your children, whom you have neglected because you are too busy making money, we will squander the little wealth you have made!

    Health/Wealth, find a balance.

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