Hong Leong Credit Card

Yoyo… I applied the Hong Leong credit card and it took only 3 weeks to process…I received MasterCard (Mobile Master) and VisaCard(MTV Card) at the same time. Total shared credit limit is RM 4500. Yesterday, i spent some time go to Hong Leong Branch to activate my account instead of calling to Customer Service Centre for activation due to i have some more important questions that need to ask. Indirectly, i can also save my phone charge because need to call to KL number (03) instead of toll number (1800) if activate myself.

I have advised to use it for at least 3 transactions for each of the account within 60 days. If unable to do that, then will be charged RM80 of each.

Hong Leong Master Card offers me 2 years free annual fees and Visa offers me 1 year free once you have activated its. For me, i feel that it’s VisaCard bring more value to me.

That VisaCard is commonly used for clubbers because i found that it would bring more privileges to them. For example, with this VisaCard, which is also MTV Card, the clubbers can get free entrance (no cover charges during Wednesday, Friday and Saturday except public holiday and festive seasons) to access glo, momo, Tiger Armed at Penang Road. Besides, they also can enjoy Happy Hour whole night long beer at Tiger Armed. They also can have 15% discount on each bottle that they open at that mentioned location.

In addition, they also can use at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves for special discount except Penang & KL Airport Areas. I think you can have junior scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robin once you have purchased RM20 and above in a single receipt.

Personally think that it will bring more benefits to KL people since most of the restaurants got such benefits are from KL like Little Vietname, Moritomo Japanese Restaurant and so on that you may not find at Penang area.

I probably use my credit card for internet transaction only and that’s very straightforward achieve to my objective which is ‘Secrets of making money using credit card’…Haha.. ( will be shared with you on later post )

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  1. David, since u are public mutual fund holder. U can apply public bank credit card with free whole life annual fees if ur total investment > 10k. If u need more info, can find ur public mutual agent.

  2. Over the last few years the internet has become your one stop to finding credit cards, comparing APR (annual percentage rate), rewards programs and incentives. And the best part is you can apply for all of them online and with a secure connection. Just from searching google you can find millions of credit card resources.

  3. Yap, I will prefer MTV Card more as I’m movie lover and this card offer free movie tickets. Just spend RM 50 and above in a single transaction and I can redeem 1 Free movie ticket any Cathay Cineplexes nationwide.

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