How’s Dividend Payout of Amanah Saham Malaysia ?

Amanah Saham

I made withdrawal from Public Bank FD and went to buy Amanah Saham Malaysia at Maybank branch on Dec 1 2008, Monday. The branch looked like a fish market as more and more people come in by the minute. Hehe…Malaysian Behavior!!! Since I already got an opened account last year, so I just take a number and wait instead of queuing up.

The only thing that I felt unfair is there might have someone who has relationship with the bank officer able to buy even before the bank opening.

Where To Grab The Fund?

i) Maybank
ii) CIMB
iii) RHB
iv) Post Offices

The minimum investment amount for ASM and ASW 2020 is 100 unit which equivalent to MYR 100 whereas Public Mutual require at least MYR 1,000 for unit trust investment. And the fund’s financial year-end is fixed on March 31 of every year.

This investment fund gives assurance to people who are already retired and semi-retiring senior citizens. I truly encourage people who are looking for capital guaranteed to invest into ASM. Well, this is the only unit trust fund that can give you pretty good dividend payout around 6-8% annually. Hence, it’s about twice better than your Bank FD rate.

Do you know how often they launch Amanah Saham Malaysia? Based on my personal experience, it is only launched once per year. And it is not possible to buy on the normal days even if someone could have cashed out the units.

How If You Lost Your Passbook

The only thing that you can do is try to get a new passbook, thus you need to get a form from the ASM agent, fill it up and pay the stamping fees of MYR10.

Past Performance of ASM & ASW 2020

Last year the dividend rate for ASM is 7.8% whereas ASW 2020 is 7%. And, it is 0.8% lower than ASM, but next year both dividends should be less than that due to bad prediction on Malaysia share market condition.

Based on the past few years statistic, it seems like the maximum dividend rate is 8%.

Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) Dividend Payout
Amanah saham malaysia

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW 2020) Dividend Payout
Amanah saham wawasan 2020

24 thoughts on “How’s Dividend Payout of Amanah Saham Malaysia ?”

  1. One thing I want add, you can buy the ASW 2020 & ASM at 10 Fully operational ASNB branch…. You can buy more easier, because normally they will open 4 counter (2-> Top-up/book holder & 2-> New application)…. If in KL ASNB, they opened 12 counter, 6->topup & 6-> New application.

    Also, ASNB Branch start selling at 8.15am, where Banks start at 9am & Post Office at 8.30am

    So If you are smart which place will you buy these unit trust??

    Think about it…..

  2. yeah but how do we know when exactly this ASM or ASW will be sold to the public?

    Last time i only knew when they announce that they will be units for sold from newspapers. And many the times by the time i know, the banks have already sold out all the non-bumis units.

    Any idea how i can check so that i can also buy in the future?

  3. Aileen::
    I think we cant check it..even the asnb website did not show any update on it before launching…

    the only thing is read from newspaper esp “The Star”..or actively participate in forum discussion..

  4. How’s dividend payout calculated? The dividend of 7.8% for 2008 should be calculated on balance hold as at 1/4/2008 or balance before that? Additional units purchase during 2008 will not get any dividend?

  5. This is the lowest risk but quite handsome dividend that you can currently get from the market.

    Encikwan, yeah i been wondering about that also. Even famous Warren Buffet suffered during this current bear market. But it seems that ASM fund manager is better than him!! LOL…See my post below.

    But since it is a govt entity fund, i guess the rate of default/bankruptcy is ultra minimal. Unless, the govt utterly collapses , there is no need to worry about it. 😛 But i dont encourage you to put everything to one basket. Diversify is the name of the game

    “encikwan Says:

    April 21st, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Does anyone know reason(s) returns from ASM are consistent, e.g. always higher than FD rates?”

  6. i would like to know that if i want to buy ASM,how long i can withdrawal the capital?the maturity year is??Who can give me answer?

  7. If we invest in ASM or ASW, can we get back our money if the government lose all our money in the investment?

    I’m quite worry about it.

  8. to Ms Question: you can withdraw anytime as u prefer, just you wont get the dividend(if withdraw b4 the dividend payout)

    to YENYEN: this is capital guaranteed investment, i do not think government will lost the money unless our economy very bad

  9. amanah saham is a good way of maximising our savings but we must also not forget not to put all of our money into one basket. even though amanah saham is giving out dividends above 6% (my conservative returns), still we need to take into account of inflation rate and the standard of living.

    and amazing isn’t it that 99 millions unit is sold off to chinese? surely next year will be another longer queue for ASN!

  10. ASM is registered under one name. What happens to the money in case the account holder dies? Is there any nomination form to fill to name the nominees to the money in the account? Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

  11. I am ASW a/c holder & now I do plan to buy ASM unit mainly to my kid(2yrs & 3 yrs respectively).Is it I hv to open 2 a/c for my son OR just need to fill up nomination form?
    I hv FD a/c with Maybank.Is it can just request direct transfer the FD to ASM unit?

  12. I started to buy ASW in 1998. No body (especially Chinese)wanted to buy during that time. But after 1998 crisis and FD dropped to today’s 2%, many Chinese start to buy. Like Cantonese “sao ting mou yan kan, kan zo yao yan zang!”. Aiya poor Chinese…chinese…chinese…

  13. For those of you who are still wondering how secure Amanah Saham is, basically ur investment is in Ringgit which is printed by our very own Bank Negara. But the gov’t can’t just print as much money as it likes because too much money in circulation will reduce its value and cause inflation/currency devaluation (this is what happened with the “Banana money” during Japanese occupation.

    The risks associated with a treasury bond like AS is default (gov’t collapse), inflation and currency devaluation.

    So if you invest RM1k in AS, you will definitely get your RM1k back, but in event that there is inflation, the value of the RM1k is less now. Same applies to currency devaluation except that the value of the ringgit investment is relative to other foreign currencies.

    Hope this helps. Cheers

  14. ASB is still the best though…Hehehe…

    with average about 9% of total return, including bonus… and the limit per account is much higher, at 200k… very good for retirement savings…

    bumiputera only…hehehe…

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