How to Calculate Our SOCSO?

As everybody known, SOCSO is just like a general insurance for employees; made compulsory by the government. However, you won’t get it back at the later stage as EPF does. Do you know how to calculate it? SOCSO contribution is different from EPF deduction and it’s based on the SOCSO table. And, the highest SOCSO deduction for employee is only RM14.75.

Your salary, overtime payments, commission, allowances will be taken into account for the purposes of SOCSO contribution.

For example:

Salary = RM 2000.00
Overtime Payments = RM 200.00
Allowances = RM 50.00

Total Salary = RM 2250.00

I this scenario, do you know how much SOCSO should be deducted from your salary?

Total contribution to be paid to SOCSO is RM50.60 (Refer the SOCSO table).

socso table

Employees who earn more than RM3,000 and above have the option not contribute to SOCSO with the condition that they had not previously registered or paid contributions to SOCSO. In the other words, their first job salary must be RM3,000 or greater than that then only can choose not to contribute.

6 thoughts on “How to Calculate Our SOCSO?”

  1. By checking the list of benefits of SOCSO, you would know it is of the HIGHEST compensation scale beating all commercial insurance schemes. Therefore, it is actually a wise move for new employees to talk to their first employers to have the starting salary not greater than RM3K (not many fresh graduates could get more than 3K, anyway) in order to qualify for the SOCSO scheme. Keep paying SOCSO even when your salary is more than RM10K !

  2. IF my salary is RM3200, may i know how many contribution for sosoc frm my salary and also how many contribution from the employer?

    Thank You

  3. dulu saya pernah bekerja lebih kurang 6 tahun dan ada potongan socso.setelah berkahwin saya tidak bekerja lagi kerana berniaga secara kecilan.pada 2005 saya terbabit dalam kemalangan dan menyebabkan lumpuh kedua kaki kerana patah tulang belakang dan saraf tunjang rosak akibat dari itu dokter menyatakan yg saya akan lumpuh selamanya.kini telah 5 tahun lebih saya terlantar.adakah saya layak untuk dapat mendapat wang dari socso…

  4. Hi author, my 1st job was below RM3k and my employer had register and paid socso for me. Currently my job is more than RM3k, may I know is it I MUST continue contribute to socso and cannot cancel it? Please help, thanks in advance. I hope I can cancel it as I find it useless.

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