How to Calculate Singaporean CPF?

Singapore’s CPF (Central Providend Fund), is different from Malaysia’s EPF. It provides many working Singaporeans with more sense of security in their retirement. Do you know why?


Under this CPF Contribution Scheme,  you will be deducted 20% of your total wages to CPF monthly contribution.

Let’s take an example, if you are Singapore permanent resident with total wages $3,000, then the calculation will be:

Contribution by Employee = 20% x $3000
= $600

Contribution by Employer = 14.5% x $3000
= $435

Total CPF Contribution = $1035

So, for those who have just receive your first salary then you would have realized that you are not getting what your employment contract stated. In your payslip it’s stated that a sum from your gross salary is deducted to your CPF account.

Now you should know how to calculate your CPF contribution, you can go to review your monthly payslip to see if there are any errors in the contribution amount. Although you don’t get the money, it’s still your money, right?

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