13 thoughts on “How To Check EPF Account Balance Online?”

  1. this i know and done.
    but try accessing their website.
    KWSP main site is down 90% of the time. Their i-akaun website is down 100% of the time. I’m trying to find out where I can complain. They have EPF kiosk at quite a number of bank, but the bank staff will tell you that the kiosk is down most of the time too. The kiosk is also down 3 out of 3 times I went there

  2. dear sir my pf a/c no is dl/26548/44 please let me know,what is my exactly balance as of now. regards,nisha.

  3. Dear sir,
    my pf a/c no is dl/25932/1205 please let me know,what is my exactly balance as of now.
    pawan kumar pankaj

  4. Hi sally,
    Next, you need to collect your “Activation Code” to activate it. So, you have to go visit the Smart Kiosks or counter to generate your Activation Code.

    i) Access the Smart Kiosks system and click the “Collect Activation Code”.
    ii) Insert your MyKad and put your right thumb thumbprint on the Smart Kiosks machine for validation process.
    iii) Press 6 keys as our activation code.

  5. Hi David, as with all your other blogs, this was helpful! In fact, more helpful than the EPF website itself (which goes down 5 minutes after I access it).

    To the other commentors asking about their PF, please note that this post applies to the Malaysian PF, and not the one in India.

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