How To Invest Public Mutual Fund Using EPF?

At first, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank to my friend who is also Malaysia’s Public Mutual Agent as he provides this kind of EPF investment information for me to share with you all.

public mutual fund

For those of you who have not invested in unit trust using your EPF, it’s time to invest. EPF themselves uses OUR money to invest in funds to earn returns to pay contributors smaller dividends. Last year 4.5%. Where else if you invest directly into unit trust you can earn between 10-12%.

As I known, this new investment scheme started since 1st February 2008, all investor can invest but not more than 20% of their savings in EPF account 1. This kind of investment only allows investing once for every 3 months and minimum investment is RM1, 000.

How To Apply?


1) Photocopy of your NRIC (both side)
2) Fill up KWSP investment form with some personal details
3) Fill up mutual fund companies investment forms.

What Fund Can You Invest?

All funds that has approved by EPF:

i. Public Regular Savings Fund (PRSF)
ii. Public Index Fund (PIX)
iii. Public Islamic Equity Fund (PIEF)
iv. Public Islamic Balance Fund (PIBF)
v. Public Islamic Sector Select Fund (PISSF) – CLOSED
vi. Public Sector Select Fund (PSSF) – CLOSED
vii. Public Select Bond Fund (PSBF)
viii. Public Money Market Fund (PMMF)
ix. Public Islamic Money Market Fund (PIMMF)
x. Public Islamic Select Treasures Fund (PISTF) – NEW!!!

How Much You Can Invest In EPF Approved Unit Trust Fund?

Ever wonders how much you could withdraw from your EPF account 1 for investment? Here’s a simple calculator for EPF withdrawal. Click here to download. It’s in Excel format. Just put your age, and your Account 1 total balance, then you will get your figure.

public mutual


Still do not understand? Lets take my example here:
eg: If you are age 26, then in your EPF account 1 should have total balance of RM16,000, then minus RM11,000(simpanan asas), and you get RM5,000, right? After that, RM5,000×20%=RM1,000(min investment for unit trust is 1k).

Why Invest In Public Mutual Fund?

EPF only provide you with a return of 4-5%, and what is our inflation rate? Based on my calculation, the actual inflation rate should be more than 4%. So, EPF just preserve your value of money against inflation, you gain nothing at the end of the day. Let say, last year you have your coffee at RM 1.00, this year you have it at RM 1.10, is 10% up!!! Look at your petrol cost, 5%, fool or not?

No need worry, just trust me!!! EPF investment into unit trust will yield positive results in long term.

85 thoughts on “How To Invest Public Mutual Fund Using EPF?”

  1. the public unit trust nv give me confidence cos the first time i bought it, i rugi 40%. bad timing ya!!

    anyway, i’ve been thinking about this lately. withdrawing from epf to invest. Is it a good timing now?

  2. currently i am looking for unit trust to do little investment. Can advice which one is better?
    Also, what the preparation that i need?

  3. I agree with you, David. Now the Mutual fund agents even charge less initial fees if invest we invest in EPF because of KWSP policy. So, it’s worth to invest in mutual fund. Thanks for the info.

  4. to KitKat: yes..non-islam can invest in islamic fund

    to Jys: for me, it’s a great time to invest now since all fund price starting bouce back recently..

  5. Hi All,
    It’s worth in invest Public Mutual through EPF scheme. Depend on which Funds you invest to. Bond might get 4-5&, Balance Funds 6~8%, Equity Funds 8~10%…..etc EPF investment just 4~5%. Of course, high return represent high risk. CRA will helps.
    Good Luck ! ! ! Invest now and make your future bright..

  6. Unit trust less risk compare with the stock. u cant invest in so many shares with a minimum of RM1000 but with unit trust u can invest in few types of shares. This is the advantage of unit trust with a low entry cost and somemore u can sell it at anytime, not like the shares..
    If you all have any question can chat with me at ym or email me to I hope i can help to solve ur question.thanks.

  7. are u agent? i would like to invest by drawing from kwsp.. can u contact me at this number 019-3884081.. i hope asap. thanx

  8. Hi Cedric,

    I beg to differ. The risk is the same. It takes more time to sell a unit trust than share. Somemore, the fund is managed by a unit trust manager, which charges a small fee everytime u buy a unit of unit trust . Even if the market is bad, they will still persuade u to buy. If u dont buy, they wont earn. U need to take this charges into account when u count ur return of interest.
    I think if u manage ur own portfolio, u have greater flexibility.

  9. Hi Ong,
    of course share market the return higher than unit trust and u can manage urself.but it wil take u time to monitor everyday.for the unit trust is for long term investment,suitable for the ppl who no time to monitor the share market and at the downtrend u wont kno when the market will up or keep dropping.same as unit trust..but the the fund invest in many kind of shares so some of them drop and some mayb increase.but the share if u buy one share the price keep dropping it straight away adjust to ur profit.unless very confident on tat shares.
    If u buy the unit trust, sure the agent will get the commission.but at first they try to analysis to u if u not believe on them y u still wan to buy unit trust? not forcing right? in bad market the unit trust price will drop, but if u goin at the right time, it will shorten the time to get the profit. BTW, when u buy the unit trust u already lose the 5.5% of service charge for cash sales, for EPf one is tat y ppl say unit trust not good.when buy already lose.but if for long term the price will up and down.when u set the target price then u sell it.still can earn.the shares also need the broker fee and other stamp duty u buy it u lose money oredi.same thing.

    Thanks Ong to share with me ur opinion.Correct me if i m wrong. thanks.

  10. Hi Cedric,

    Can we withdraw our EPF every 3 months (assumed that we have sufficient amount in acc 1) to invest?

    Considering to use the Dollar Cost Averaging approach to invest in UT wth my EPF money.

    2 funds targeted, i.e. Public Regular Savings Fund (PRSF – Moderate), and Public Islamic Balance Fund (PIBF – Mod 2 Conservative). What do u think?

    Thnx in adv.

  11. HI yapkhs,
    yes u can withdraw ur epf every 3months but in a year u wont be able withdraw 4times because the process time for ur application almost take normally is 3months 2week only can withdraw the second time.
    Ya, i will recommend you for the PRSF. If u think the price is abit high then u can survey another fund PIDF or PIEF.if got any question can email to me or add me in yahoo email address i already write above. thanks.

  12. Hi, the PBB branch manager told me I can only invest in PB series fund and for EPF can only go to PB Islamic Equity Fund…

  13. hi..for PB series only provide 3types of fund tat u can use ur epf to invest. PB Islamic Equity fund, PB islamic bond fund, PB cash management fund only.Why not u invest in Public Mutual series more choice and depends on ur risk level. u can email me to i hope i can help u.thanks.

  14. Salam…saya Mohd Roslim bin Bakar Perunding Unit Amanah Public Mutual Bhd, Sungai Petani.. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk melabur dalam Public Mutual terutamanya mereka di sekitar Alor Setar, Sungai Petani, Sik, Baling dan kawasan-kawasan yang sama waktunya..sila hubungi saya di talian 019-4584219… InsyaAllah saya sedia menbantu anda..

  15. assalamualaikum
    for those who want to know about investment in Public Mutual with ur epf or cash money please contact me at this no 019-4807370. Saya boleh membantu anda di sekitar kawasan Perlis, Jitra, Alor Setar dan Sungai Petani. Maklumat terbaru untuk anda semua. Laburlah sekarang kerana harga unit rendah dan peluang mendapat pulangan menarik

  16. Hi anita, i had sent u the email.but not getting any reply from you..yes i am an agent from PM. here is my contact number 012-7051062. Call me Cedric. hope i can serve u with the best service.thanks.and for those who interested to kno more abt PM or want to invest in Public Mutual can kindly contact me with the above phone number or email me
    Thanks for your support.

  17. Hi, guys. I am Chai Yu Loon here. wau, there are many Unit Trust Consultants leaving message here from different bases ya. I’m as well a Public Mutual Consultant based in Kuching and Sarawak regions. Anyone has doubt about Unit Trust Investment can contact me at 013-803 4618 or u can look into my basic website about my Unit Trust Group. Thanks. see ya.

  18. Hi ian, may i kno ur email?i can explain more abt unit trust to u.Mind to tell me where u come from?
    There is no guaranteed in the investment. Even u put ur money in FD, the interest u earn is fix but if calculate the inflation into it.mayb u only earn little or even u lose the money due to the inflation higher than the interest.thanks. hope i can explain to u more.kindly contact me via my email or my hp 012-7051062

  19. u guys want 2 get screwed by the securities comm and p.m then go on advertise .dont u know u can lose your license and get fined by the s.c, u dumbo.s.also against company rules. u are beimg monitored

  20. hi!im jue…also a unit trust consultant under public if u hv any interest to invest or find out more details about unit trust, pls dont hesitate to contact me via my mobile no 012-3394189 or jz leave ur details here, i’ll contact u asap!thx:)

  21. Hi, I am Alex Tan Public Mutual Financial Planner from KL.
    I serve areas KL, PJ, Subang, Shah Alam and mainly areas in Klang Valley.
    my contact 017 3030 100

  22. Guys,

    I wonder what happen to the unit trust once we bought it using our EPF money?

    I mean…
    1) Can we sell the unit? Any regulations since this is EPF money.
    2) What happen to the money once we sell it, do we actually get the money or it goes to back EPF or stay in Public Mutual until we retire?
    3)What are the pro n cons investing unit trust with our own money vs. EPF money?

    Appreciate any advice on this.

  23. Hi syeikh,

    1) Yes, u can sell (or we call it ‘redeem’) ur UT anytime when u purchase by using EPF.

    2) The money will go back to ur EPF account if and only if the units were using EPF to buy.

    3) Seeing that the money is sitting in EPF to earn less interest (say 5% pa), why dun u try to put some money (we are only allowed to take a small portion frm our EPF) invest in the right UT which has the potential to earn more interest (say 8% pa). So that at the day of retiring, we can have more money frm our EPF account.
    Eg. u retire in 2020,
    (a) 85% of ur EPF earns 5% pa, 25% in UT earns 8% pa
    (b) all 100% sitting in EPF earns 5%
    so, which one is better? ^^
    Hope these help. Rdgs

  24. Guy, something u need to pay attention, which i just found out when you move your EPF Fund out to UT investment and you do not have a will to cater for that. Those amount will goes to Estate according to our law. So, just be careful and plan it well.

  25. Hi, I am ROY YEOW Public Mutual Financial Planner from Bukit Rimau.
    I serve areas Klang, PJ, Subang, Shah Alam and mainly areas in Klang Valley.
    my contact 0123905999

  26. Hi, i’m also P.Mutual Agent. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about unit trust. Anyone can invest in any kind / type of unit trust.


  27. Hi rjn,

    Yes, there is a possibility that u will make a loss in Unit Trust investment.

    Take this as an example,

    U buy Fund XYZ at the price of 1.2000 at 1 Jan 2010, then u sell it (or redeem it) at 1.0000 at 30 Jun 2010, thus u have make a loss of 0.2000. Usually UT investment is for middle to long term (from 2 to 5 years). The Fund XYZ may have change to rebound if u can hold it longer. If u sell it at 1.5000 at 1 Jan 2012, then u make a gain of 0.3000.

    Hope it helps! Rdgs

  28. Currently, which PB Mutual or PB series are showing good sign of recovering? I had one with PB mutual, not yet seen it gaining…but since already invested, I will just left it there until better price.

  29. buying at 1.00 selling at 1.30 in 3 years time …the return is less than 10% a year.

    i did earn earn up to 30% in 9 month.believe it was a right when i in.

    but now seem like the price for most of the performance old fund is hitting historical high price

    any one can provide detail analysis about current market?

    is it a good time to park with PM ? (PRSF) or u have better fund to recommend ?

  30. If u ask me, i would suggest that using dollar cost averaging method make anytime also a good time to go in. Jux my personal opinion. What do u think? Comments are welcome.

  31. Hi Everyone,
    I am a public mutual agent based in Klang Valley/ Cheras/Kajang/Cyberjaya/Putrajaya/Banting
    for those who needs further details kindly contact me @ jangan malu2.. kita sama2 berkongsi pegetahuan pasal public mutual ni, OK…ATIE 0132190770

  32. Hi,anyone who have interested with the Public Mutual Fund you are welcome to contact me via my email or hp :0123399835. TQ

  33. sorry i dont believe in unit trust. u risk your capital for more profit, earn or loss totally depend on market performances. it is NOT GUARANTEED. i got many friends who invest in public mutual funds, last year loss 45% of their capital.

    IF the market crashed once, dont ever think u can get back your capital. you wait 10 or 20 years also no use.. you know why, because of the charges. u loss 5% when u put in, how bout management fee every year (this is where d bank earned), another 5% charged when u cancel units to take out ur $$?

    no harsh feeling, i just wanna share what i know, because my agent never disclose all charges to me when i buy funds. get your $$ n bb…..

  34. @joey lee: agreed with u. FD got 1-6% returns. But d government publish inflation rate as 4%, actual rate is more than that..if put into FD got 2 results, either preserve your cash value, or rotting your money inside haha..cuz u dont know 5,10,15,20,25,30 years later how much your living cost increases 🙂

  35. i do agree with bosco5566, no one agent would like to disclosed the real transaction fees till you found out yourself. Ppl always said you hget min 10-25 or even 30% return from UT investment. True you need to ensure min 10% else you lost from merely buying and selling…pity us ler! Another blood sucker! Better put in Stock whereby you know what yo are getting into!

  36. Hi, I am also P.Mutual Agent. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about unit trust. Anyone can invest in any kind / type of unit trust. Jenny Lim

  37. hi.i am a public mutual agent….. i am at seremban, so if u got interest investment in a public mutual, kindly to contact me at any time…. my h/p no is 016-6872783.

  38. Hi all,
    “Masa yang terbaik untuk anda melabur adalah 20 tahun yang lepas” Dan “Peluang kedua terterbaik untuk anda melabur ialah hari ini” Bertindak sekarang!. Kebanyakan profit Public Mutual 7~ 10% ( from my client profit)dlm masa 8 bulan.
    EPF anda cuma 5.65% setahun. “Pastikan duit simpanan anda berkerja untuk anda” Anda yang menentukan…
    Asri- PM ( Klang/Banting)

  39. Anda..
    Setiap hari berkeja keras untuk mendapat wang bagi PERBELANJAAN HARIAN dan SIMPANAN.

    Untuk kaya pastikan…
    1) Perbelanjaan kurang dari pendapatan anda.
    2) Wang simpanan “berkerja untuk anda”

    Pls call @ SMS for more detail berkenaan PUBLIC MUTUAL.

    ASRI(Klang/Banting) 013-3866380

  40. hi……now is time to invest to public dividend select fund, this fund give a high performance as well, if u got interest need to know more detail about it, please kindly to contact me, my hp no is: 016-6872783.

  41. It seems that people invest to get a good return & most want to buy house & car or travel. Why don’t you invest in BUSINESS from your own passion. 100% return in a DAY while investing in fund just give you 10-20% in a YEAR.

  42. EPF Account 1 may invest in unit trust or leave them in EPF Account 1.
    If you would like to know more about how to let your money work harder… please feel free to contact me

    hp: 012-4311 381 (Mr Ong)


  43. hi……now is time to invest to public mutual fund, this fund give a high performance as well, if u got interest need to know more detail about it, please kindly to contact me Ray, my hp no is: 017-3123126 (Klang Valley).

  44. hi..
    sy agent ssiapa y ingin tau lbh lnjut mgenai unit trust,sila hubungi @ sms sy di talian sedia mbantu..

    melabur untuk masa depan anda!!!

  45. the diff

    public series – market only by public mutual agent , so advantage; u hv an agent, can call anytime 24 hours/d 😛 agent will meet investor, investor is the king! parking, traffic jam on agent!

    pb series – market only by public bank staff, so 8-5pm only! & investor hv to go to d bank, parking, traffic jam on investor:)

    but both series managed by public mutual..

  46. hi,
    I have been investing in unit trust since 1995. unit trust is for long term 5yrs + similar to your EPF. if you invest using EPF $, your selling of unit trust will go back to EPF. look at any public mutual fund, you will see over the years, the returns are generally higher than EPF return depending on the type of fund (level of risks). growth fun can yield as much as 20% annual return. although the numbers are not guarrentee, but in general as you can see in PB website, unit trusts are far better than EPF. i can help to explain for anyone interested to know more. I am agent in bangi/kajang/putrajaya email

  47. Hi all,
    Kepada sesiapa yang berminat invt to Public Mutual, Pls contact me.
    Loc Klang Banting, Telok Panglima Garang. Now the best time to invest. Malaysia kearah negara maju. Islamic Fund banyak yg sudah FULL ( Ittikal,PiSSF,PISTF).
    Hanya tinngal beberapa sj.




  49. Ipodium.. u only invest for 1.5 yr.. unit trust is a long term.. until the day u retire.. it will give u more than the EPF.. mybe u can switch the fund if u’re no satisfied with the present fund..

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