How To Reload Touch ‘n Go Card?

Touch ‘n Go is a cashless payment method and it brings you convenience since you don’t have to carry a lot of cash money with you. However, now it is more into a lifestyle oriented card.

There is a latest promotion where you need only pay RM10 to register as a PLUSMiles cardholder and the RM5 would be automatically credited to the card. This is good initiative to to encourage more highway users to switch to the electronic toll payment.

Where To Reload Touch’n Go Card?

maybank ATM

As everybody known, you can reload your Touch ‘n Go card at Touch ‘n Go Kiosk, counters and reload lanes along the highways. However, apart from that, customers can purchase and reload their cards at other locations, which provide Touch ‘n Go Service such as:

i. Petrol Stations – Petronas, Shell, Esso, BHP, Caltex
ii. ATM – Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB, RHB, Bank Muamalat & Ambank (Reload only)
iii. Cash Deposit Machine – Ambank & Maybank (Reload only)
iv. Agents – TMPoint, Photo shop, bookstore etc

Steps On How To Reload Touch’n Go Card via Maybank Kawanku ATM

1. Insert your Maybank ATM card, key in your PIN and select “Touch N Go“.
reload touch n go
2. Select “LOAD VALUE“.
reload touch n go
3. Your ATM card will be ejected out. Remove your ATM card. Place your Touch ‘n Go card on the Touch ‘n Go panel.
4. Select the amount that you wish to reload.
reload touch n go
5.Select the account type that you wish to debit.
reload touch n go
6.Place your TNG card on the Touch ‘n Go panel again to reload your card.
7.Once transaction is successfully done, your card new balance will be displayed and your receipt will be printed.

Limitation of Reload Touch ‘n Go At Maybank ATM

There’s a limit for reloading Touch ‘n Go card, you can just reload up to a maximum of RM500 each day per ATM card. The minimum reload is RM50.

And, RM0.50 will be debited from your account for every successful reload transaction. Do you think it is worth?

7 thoughts on “How To Reload Touch ‘n Go Card?”

  1. It should also be noted that TNG is also used in public transport in klang valley so using TNG definitely provide the extra convenience of not having to prepare so much spare change and queuing up at the ticket booth.

  2. I use Credit Card to pay and each time I top up RM200-300 (advanced payment). regretably the service can not be done online. Only selected Toll Plazes accept Credit Card for topping up.In this IT era, Touch N Go is behind time.

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