How To Write A Cheque?

Many people know how to receive and make cheque deposit but some of them may not know how to write a cheque. Actually I never issue a cheque before but I know the ways to write it.

You have to open a current account and put initial deposit into its. However, you will not earn any interest on the balance in the current account. Make sure that you always keep record of your current balance because the bank statement will not indicate the most current balance and normally show an earlier period of transaction.

My Tutorial On How To Write A Cheque

Note: Just for your security purpose, it’s better to draw a line after the account payee name and amount payable in order to avoid anyone making additions to the amounts.

Note: It’s advisable for account payee to cross out “OR BEARER” to avoid any stolen cheque from being paid out.

Note: It’s better to write the amount end with the word “only”.

You must know that there is the possibility of account to be inactive if there’s no transaction in the account for consecutive of 7 years.(Same to savings account, if not mistaken, it’s happen to Malaysia country only) I think bank will send notice to let you know whether you want to reactivate or close it. If you want to reactivate it, then you should submit the documents like:

=> Application form for refund of Unclaimed Money
=> Bank statement
=> Photostat copy of your identity card

To the address as below:

Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys
Jabatan Akauntan Negara
Tingkat 42, Menara Maybank
100, Jalan Tun Perak
50050 Kuala Lumpur

Why Returned Cheque?

=> Insufficient funds in your account. (You will be subjected to a penalty charge. Different bank will impose different amounts, usually from MYR100 to MYR200). If it happens frequently, bank will have rights to close issuer account.
=> Missing or different signature.
=> Expired cheque (over 6 months). But there may be situations when the issuer of a cheque limits the cheque validity period to less than six months. Thus, better see the validity period that is printed on the cheques.
=> Amount in words and figures are not tally.
=> Alteration on the cheque.

4 thoughts on “How To Write A Cheque?”

  1. I started to issue cheque when I bought my car. Since then every month I will need to issue at least once.

    3 yrs ago, i got a returned cheque when i issue cheque for the down payment of my house and what’s the reason it being returned? I missed the word cents!! (eg, RM 70, i wrote Seventy Only)

    I’ve issued so many cheque without the word cents but that was the first time my cheque got returned.

    I guess different banks got different rules, some less strict, some more strict..

  2. thanks a lot. but i want to know why this line ” NOT OVER USD=…..ONLY” is written at left top corner of a cheque especially in Bangladesh?

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