How US Affect World Economy?

Generally speaking, US dollar is used in most international transactions, so if anything happens with the US economy, it will affect global economy as well.

US economy

With the gas and fuel prices going up, slowdown in real estate market and the dollar not worth as previously, then consumer’s spending power will be decreased. Subsequently, this may cause major companies to earn less and their share price definitely will drop. Indirectly, other countries will suffer less demand from US and then the export of goods will be affected too. Try imagine how danger’s was it!!!

US is the world economy’s boss, many people waiting for their reaction to change current financial situation. I think what US government are trying to do now is to solve this financial tsunami temporary only. However, they should do something to combat this current issue by stimulating the global economy in order to win back people confidence.

If stand from positive point of view, US dollar become weaker is not all bad since foreign travelers can get more for their money during currency exchange and they will choose US country as their dream destination. Am I right?

4 thoughts on “How US Affect World Economy?”

  1. I read a lot of Blogs over the run of a day to get the lowdown on online business “opps” and I had to stop and post a comment on yours for excellent articles, layout and content.

    Since this downward trend I have been watching my Mutual Funds in my RRSPS fluctuate up and down every day. First I’m happy and then I’m ready to take a sledgehammer to my monitor but all I can do is ride it out.
    By switching funds or going to long-term interest plan, I would lose a lot of money right know.

    Batten down and weather the storm!


  2. US is no more the world’s Economic Boss. USA is Bankrupt. Of course it does not make political sense to announce this as it serves no one any good. Consider 1945, UK was bankrupt after the world war. Did they announce it? No. But the Leaders know it and the next 20 years was spent sharing the global equity and that became the geopolitical landscape in 1965. The Outcome of the 2008 Global Economic Crisis will be made plain by 2030. Until then behind the scene an opportunity has cropped up for developing countries to share the equity of Developed Nations. How this will pan out is matter of time. America as we know is is over; so is democracy and capitalism.
    USA’s debt to GDP ratio is 400% and this can never be paid up!

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