I’m Now a Google AdWords Qualified Individual!

It’s finally official. I am happy to say that I have been qualified to be a part of the Google Adwords Certified Partner Program. For those who know AdWords for years, this qualification is indeed valuable as it offers credibility and acts as a door opener.

Google AdWords Certification Program is a globally recognized which showcases knowledge of the best AdWords tools and techniques. I have attained this certified partner status by passing a minimum of 2 certification exams which are Google Advertising Fundamental Exam and Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam. Through its learning process, you are able to illustrate your practical expertise in managing accounts and understand the terms & conditions of AdWords.

Benefits of Google AdWords Certification Program
Google AdWords will provide you quality support if you are AdWords qualified individual or certified partner. There’re still lots of benefits of becoming the qualified individual/certified partner. You will:
• Improve your knowledge and practical application of Google AdWords
• Receive Google branded certificate which you can showcase in your CV, own business site etc.
• Get an endorsement by Google, which will help your in branding.
• Have individual profile page which you can share with your clients
• Leverage potential source of sales leads which resulted from the coupling between Google Engage and AdWords certification

AdWords is not only becoming more and more popular with advertisers, but it’s also being constantly marketed by Google. I believe that with Google AdWords qualification you will have the edge over your competitors when job hunting or as a marketing in attracting new business.

So if you think that AdWords plays a big part for your marketing, then I would recommend you to go fot this course.

My Mission
After what seemed like endless hours of learning I finally can show for it…What’s my next plan? I will plan to make use of what I have learnt to run an online marketing campaign by managing PPC advertising program. Stay tuned…

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