Ideas Agent Meetup (IAM) Second Year Anniversary

Recently, I was invited to attend a talk show – Ideas Agent Meetup which provides meeting ground for creative and innovative individuals. It is a TED style keynote ideas pitching mix with creative youth workshop on making the ideas happen. The presenter will provide big ideas to inspire everyone to look into the subject from a new perspective; I was totally impressed with inspiring talk on that afternoon.

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The session started by a short film screening in the hall.

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A gorgeous cultural activist of the day, Ms. Chan Oga was the first speaker. She had started the idea of the school started called The Village School, where people learn how to grow & harvest, build, code programs and make art.

Today, The Village School has hosted 2 workshops and is on its way to fund its first ever Village School Camp happening in June where children with different capabilities will learn things that matter by working together to create things, showcase, sell, and teach other people what they’ve learned.

The moment I looked at her, she gave me a extremely good impression. From dressing to expressing herself in words, she is truly awesome.

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Second speaker of the day, Ms. Rosalind Chua, who was my ex-colleague sharing the topic on “It’s not just for children”. I enjoyed her sharing on how she reminded us on pleasures that once made us happy by reading a children book.

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Next speaker would be another gorgeous gentleman, Mr. Jonathan Case, who talked about The 2.6 Second Pitch. He shared his vision of how impact driven branding really works.

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Musician of the day, Mr. Kelvyn Yeang was sharing something related to my interest, music. I like his way of expression on cultivating the local music scene for Indie music to reach mass market success. It’s just like to find the light in a dark room.

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Mr. HongJun Wang who was the next speaker from Singapore, presented the ideas on “How Creative Journies Start”. He created his first piece of conceptual art that incorporated the creative use of Money as a key medium after years of experiments. Throughout his life journey, he never regret and consider himself unfortunate for trying. He is a good example for us to learn from.

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Ms. Laura Francois, Movement Leader of Fashion Revolution Malaysia shared on her vision and idea for making the clothing industry sustainable, one where human rights and the planet do not go undiscovered.

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Last but not least, curator of IAM9.0 Founder & CEO of Addonlife, Mr. Winston Liew with a strong background as a debater, a graduate from law school, and being very passionate to the community, this makes who he is today. I like his title: Windows to the Outside World. At IAM9.0, Winston shared with us how we can communicate with someone from different cultural background.

The concept of BIG is to explore the possibilities of big things happening, by staring and initiating small actions. I felt like I was doing the right thing at that time by attending the talk show. It inspired me by learning different thoughts from different professionals in the society. I believe that positive attitude and passion would be the main criteria to make them who they are today.

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