Invitation to Google AdWords Webinar

I was invited to attend a Google AdWords webinar on 13 Nov’14. It’s aimed to simplify and show you basic steps on how to create an effective Google AdWords account. There are few essentials you need to design a solid foundation for marketing campaign, and help you to understand what you are getting out of the money that you put in.

One of the 301 participants.

A question posted in the interactive chat box.

The topics covered were as below:
1. Identifying different advertising goals to meet your business needs

Google Adwords webinar 1 photo slide1.jpg

2. How to design and structure your account and campaigns

Google Adwords webinar 2 photo slide2.jpg

3. What data to look out for, how to diagnose your data and finetune it to your business goals.

4. How to calculate what your investment into AdWords is bringing you in the real world.Google Adwords webinar 3 photo slide3.jpg

Overall, it is all about thinking ahead and being aware if you want to be very successful at Google AdWords.

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An email reply from Google AdWords Team

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