Is It Possible to Use AdSense and InfoLinks at Same Page?

Do you think can we use Google AdSense and InfoLinks on the same page? Will it against Google terms of service? As I known, InfoLinks provide in-text advertisement which you may see that some terms in the text are hyperlinked to the advertiser’s website.

Based on the Google terms of service, it is possible to place your Google ads with other ads on the same page with the condition that your non-Google ads formatting or colors are different Google ads. In the other words, you need to make sure that it should always be clear to the user that the ads are served by different advertising networks.

So, you now can monetize your website with in text ads together with Google AdSense ads with no worries. Google does not have anything against in-text ads. The in text ads that I recommended to use is Infolinks since it is widely used by many publishers to create a stream of revenue to supplement Adsense.

Here’s an example how the Infolinks shows on my site:


Based on the InfoLinks FAQ, I noticed that Infolinks will scan your web pages first and converts the selected keywords into cost-per-click in-text ads. Each time a visitor clicks on the ad, the publisher gets paid.

I’ve just started few days ago, let’s check how’s my current earning, although not that much per day but i believe one day can become my 5th blogging income source!!!

infolinks earning

At the end of each month, Infolinks will calculate your earnings for that month and issues your payment within 45 days. But, if your earning not more than $50 then you are not eligible to cash out. On the contrary, Google Adsense will calculate your earnings for the previous month, so you just need to wait 30 days to cash out.

Will In Text Ads affect AdSense Earning?

Based on my research, in text ads do not affect your AdSense earning. This is because it is based on the nature of the click through rate (CTR). And, the type of visitor that clicks on a banner-like ad from AdSense is different than the type of visitor that clicks on the in text ads within the content.

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