Think About Job Bonus Before Quit

A job bonus may be based on the employee’s performance. Measurements of performance such as hours worked, overtime, sales revenue produced.

Year End Bonus

Some company may reward employee as profit sharing for the productivity made and improved product quality. This is to encourage employees to understand how their work affects the company’s performance and profitability.

Every year when those bonuses are cashed, you may notice that the resignation letters start flowing in. There may have common reasons like what I have seen before:

1) Money: Most people jump to another company, as they believe that it will be the faster path to higher earnings.

2) Lack of Challenging: Sometimes people were not think about compensation but more on responsibility.

Quit Job Before Bonus Paid?

Quit Job

I think there still have people quit a job before bonuses were to be paid. It’s depending on timing and planning also. If let say still left 4 month to get the year end bonus then I would prefer to wait until after I got my bonus then only give notice. I really don’t think the company giving a bonus to someone whom they know is jumping ship because it is supposed to be incentive for employee to keep doing a great job.

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