8 thoughts on “KWSP Malaysia for Monthly Housing Loan Payment”

  1. I have been trying to acces this site for a while. I was using IE7 then when I tried Firefox, it worked just fine? Just wanted to bring this to your attention. This is really a greatblog. I have a bunch myself. I really love your layout. I know this is off topic but,did you make this layout yourself,or buy from somewhere

  2. Well, we must have trust on EPF. If we have doubt just dont widraw monthly then. Select the one time widrawal..

  3. Hi David,

    The rumors are totally untrue. The EPF has in fact issued a press statement regarding the issue in October 2008 as attached below. Please forward this to all your cyber friends to clarify the issue.


    The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) would like to state that members’ savings that have been kept aside in a separate account for withdrawals under Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal will continue to receive dividends accordingly. This statement comes in response to recent emails and blogs that state the EPF does not pay dividends on the said amount.

    When a member’s application for Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal is approved, the total amount of savings that will be taken out from Account 2 for the purpose of this withdrawal will be put aside in another account. The reason for this is to separate the amount from the main account, as funds allocated for this withdrawal cannot be used for other withdrawals from Account 2. In addition, it serves to facilitate as well as monitor the monthly payments.

    The EPF would like to reiterate any savings that are still with the EPF will continue to earn dividends annually up until the member reaches the age of 75. Accordingly, the savings that have been kept aside and are committed for withdrawals under Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal will continue to receive dividends for the year. The dividends on this amount will be credited into Account 2 after dividend for the year is declared.

    In any case, the Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal was introduced in January 2008 and as dividend for 2008 is yet to be declared, there is no issue of the EPF not paying dividends on the said amount.

    We hope that this statement will put to rest any confusion regarding this issue. The EPF wishes to assure its members that it is committed to protecting members’ interests and enhancing the value of their savings.

  4. i’ve withdraw every years from EPF account 2 for my housing loan and during that time neither me or others thinking of what your bla bla bla, so….. create blog which more usefull to MANKIND. EPF is individual thing.

  5. Good for those who plan and make use the scheme.

    Withdraw from it monthly so I will have more fund for investment account.

    Based on my experience and effort put in, I can generate >8% return, therefore I am better off.

    This method NOT recommended to those not serious enough in investment, i.e. not putting in enough effort.

  6. I checked T&C of this monthly withdrawal & found that the balance amount in the special account is entitles for yearly dividend calculation. “Amaun yang diasingkan ke Akaun Khas akan dibayar dividen dan dikreditkan ke Akaun 2 sebaik sahaja dividen diisytiharkan pada tahun berikutnya”

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