14 thoughts on “Latest Fixed Deposit Rates(FD Rates) In Malaysia”

  1. FD is not good for primary financial plan, but good as diversification (as minority investment).

    If you are not into property or stock market investment, better go for mutual fund. Some people aren’t into mutual fund because they don’t want to lose money when the market/economy is down.

    Well, when the market/economy is down, you can switch from equity fund (that generally follows the market trend) to bond or money market fund (which offers rate that equal to FD rate). And when the market/economy is up again, you switch back from bond or money market fund to equity fund! Hopefully your mutual fund company has such package/arrangement. I’m investing with Public Mutual – that allows me doing that. 🙂

  2. hi, just want to know..if the FD said it will gave out 3% for a 15 month tenure, will the calculation look like this?

    lets say i’m gonna put Rm50k

    50,000*0.03*15 = rm22500?

  3. i personally think that b) insurance saving plan is the best investment indeed.i had invested at such paln where i had a coverage for all kind of insurance policy + medical card + investment at the equity fund all at one go..i did invest about 10k..and within 14 months it was accumulated to RM 14890. Which i believe i wouldnt be getting in any FD…and the best part my investment of 10k is not bonded, therefore i can just withdraw it anytime i want..it was a excellent plan..gheard about many insurers talkin bout their products..i really analyse and pick companies that provides highest returns!!!

  4. Hi, im new here. I want to try FD FOR INVESTMENT. I heard from agent of AMBANK good offer, this is a msg from him : it’s under AMbank.. n de thing is, if u cmpare dis scheme wif other scheme, i think dis one is de best, due to de prcntage gven by de bank which is 14% minimum, unlike other bank.. n i think this info might shock u, last year, de dvdend gven by de bank rose till 20% n dat’s a lot.. bsides dat, de bank also offers it custmers free insurance.. de insurance work like this, if u r being hospitalized, de bank will give u RM90 a day, dpending on how many days dat u r being admitted, juz x de number of days wif 90.. cool rite? ok, other thngs dat u need 2 know bout de insurance is dat if a customer dies, n he/she invest 10k wif de savings, his/her descendant will rceive 10x from the value dat they invest, meaning dat 100k r already confirm will b gven to them. oh, n it’s a life insurance.. accdent, paralyzed n all dat r also covered by de insurance.. 1 more thing, i think u already knw dat this kind of thngs r always being handle by agents dat r being appointed by de bank itself.

    Is there any such thing that FD cover the insurance? is it a new product that i dont know from AMBANK.

  5. It is for sure not a bank’s product but may be distribute (sell) via the Bank.

    AmBank has a related company called AmInvestment for mutual fund and share investment etc.

    AmBank also has a related company called AmAssurance – an insurance company.

    Give me the detail plan and I will analyse it for you.

    I am financial accountant by profession and a HLA agent. Should be qualified enough to do the anlaysis.

  6. Hi Celine hui,
    can i ask you smth,
    how do they calculate the FD E.g: like(3.20%) for 20k…izit answer smthg like this ($20640)permonth..
    Please advise me thanks.. cheersss

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