Low Offers From PayPerPost?

Writing for your blog can be time consuming. If you are reading my blog, you probably want to make some money with your blog. But, the market might be changing. The largest and most popular paid post site is getting cheap.

low offer Payperpost

I’ve been noticing the posting opts that they have available at payperpost. The 20 cents, 50 cents for a post is just ridiculous. I think they want to kick out bloggers who just blog for money.

You could make more money online by filling out surveys or after you start getting some regular traffic, switch to Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. Don’t take these cheap ass payperpost opts. $5-$10 should be the min for your paid posts. Another bad thing is Google can detect PPP because they require putting a disclosure badge on your site. So, play smart !!!

3 thoughts on “Low Offers From PayPerPost?”

  1. ya, i don’t understand how come there are still ppl willing to take the 50 cents opp.. some even required to write 200 words!! crazy!!

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