Make Money Without Good Page Rank?

Actually, now I only understand that you don’t need good Google Page Rank to make money with your blog. You can much rather make money at home than have good Page Rank, but of course, both at the same time is great!

Google Page Rank

Google penalizes blogs Page Rank who use TextLinkAds, sponsored review, pay per post, and some other proven money making program. As a blogger you have to decide what is most important to you. If you are blogging only to get Page Rank then you’d better stay away from those kinds of money makers. On the other hand, if you want to make money with your blog, then you should look into them. But first, you need to get traffic coming to your site because you can’t make money without having a good amount of traffic.

From my personal experience, please do not focus too much on Page Rank. Someone who wants great Page Rank can optimize their blog to rank well in Google but still not make any money. You could have a well-optimized site with great Page Rank, but if you don’t make money on a steady basis, what good would that be? A lot of Malaysia Financial Blogger blog for fun only but the main purpose of blogging for me is to get a return on my efforts.

If you don’t see good Page Rank on your website or blog doesn’t mean your site isn’t searching well. If you want to make money but keep your blog ranking well in searches just make more frequent posts and repeat search phrases or keywords that fit your blog niche.

5 thoughts on “Make Money Without Good Page Rank?”

  1. There 2 ways to make money online..
    1)If your site have PR6 and above, you can get money from advertisers.

    2)If your site have good traffics, you can make money from your site visitors.

    So you decide which one you prefer most.

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