Malaysia Car Import Tax Too High?


Many people do not know how the taxation system run on imported cars in Malaysia. I myself also feel the same. I personally think that the taxes on imported cars with different engine capacities need to be revised in order to reduce public burden.

Why Malaysia Car Import Tax So Hight?


I personally think that the reason why Malaysia government set high import taxes is because they want to protect the country’s two national car, which are Proton & Perodua. I always hope that our government can consider reducing the import duties for foreign cars for the announced budget but everytime end up with disappointment.

Basically I don’t have any issue if the Malaysia car prices are really high to ensure that government earns healthy income every year. I would also support the increase in car taxes if the money go straight to public transportation or anything that make traveling easier. Lesser cars would also mean lesser traffic jam, am I right? However, I really cannot accept if the motive for high car taxes is to protect national car.

Malaysia Imported Car Cost Higher Than Other Countries

In fact, cars should be cheap as car will depreciate and a lot of maintenance cost. But in Malaysia country, imported cars cost more than low-medium cost apartment. The worst thing is it depreciates even worst and faster than other country.

For those who thinking of getting a better life, they have to choose foreign car as their better car. However, they have to earn 3x more than what other people earning. Do you it is fair? Just compare to Singapore, why a lot of people rather migrate there and buy cars over there even the car converted to Ringgit Malaysia expensive? The only thing that I can proudly said that their earning power is far more better than us. If your earning power is higher than spending, why not paying higher tax?

26 thoughts on “Malaysia Car Import Tax Too High?”

  1. In Singapore, a Toyota Altis is only $50k + to $60k while in Malaysia we have to forked up to RM 110k for a Toyota Altis.

    How to drive such car when are standard of living is high while our salary is low?

    We are paying almost double for car tax just because the Kerajaan wants to protect Potong.. Eerrr I mean Proton!

  2. we still have a choice.
    in the next election please vote opposition parties so that gov nowadays can realize betapa azabnya hidup susah… lol

  3. Yes, absolutely agreed if the high tax imposed spend to improve public transport system. It’s not only benefit our next generation but also reduce pollution to our environmental with low emission.

  4. Yea, I agree with Salman. I respect his outright support for fair treatment for all Malaysians. For his support for equal consumer rights comparable to those offered by other countries. Though he may not know this, for his support for a just and new government who are willing to build and grow a strong nation, instead of condemning it with protectionism for a few (or one color) by squeezing others of their blood.

    And yes, Malaysia’s car (import/local) is overly taxed, more than 70% to 300%. Be ready to pay 170K for a car worth 100K. In other words, be ready to pay 70K more to these protected people who will be chanelling the ‘taxes’ into everything other than the good of the country. Yes, cost of living in Malaysia is exorbitantly high. Your average income minus inflation and living costs are out of proportion, to a disastrous level. (Frankly, to the eyes of other powerful nations, Malaysia is proving itself to be an arrogant mismanagement of one color) And yes, if this country continues to blunder from the fact that all citizens are actually migrants from other lands, and to reward blood-ties instead of meritocracy, they are indeed killing the future of all Malaysians, except the children of a few privileged officer. Killing all with their shallow minded plans.

    Vote For A More Responsible Government!

  5. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a local or a foreign car… because if you buy a local car you’re just encouraging the national car maker to continue wasting our nation’s money. If you buy a foreign car the taxes paid to the govt will be fed back into the inefficient national car maker so that it can continue to make below standard vehicles and make huge margins one them. On top of that the income tax rate is higher than in singapore, and now they want to introduce gst. Its all just a scheme to sqeeze as much money out of the people as possible while some few can sit pretty one their lazy asses… Only one way out… move to a less corrupt place… with fairness and equality and let them harvest their own sins… There will come a day when they will realise what they have done wrong… it’ll be too late.

  6. I agree, why protect rubbish? Overseas you will only see a handful of protons or produas and this is because of the crap quality and reputation of their cars.

    Ahhhhh I can go on for pages and pages but i’ll keep it short.


  7. Hi all, Malaysia not the only country applied high tax on import vehicles. You can check Sri Lanka, if not mistaken higher than Malaysia.
    However, what I not understand why Proton in Arab Saudi will cheaper than Malaysia price? Malaysia government also applied high tax on Proton? Briton descript our Perodua as white good. OMG! Quality only stand for 5 years just like white good?
    Quality of our Malaysia infrastructure also limited, after raining day, you have to learn better skill to avoid pothole…
    Tax so high, money pay so much, project price awarded high.. quality low, maintanance low, etc.. until when we have to live in this kind of life…
    In other hand, better to stay low profile, you buy expensive car… less than 6 months sure you will kena… no matter kena what… rim lost, car lost, sure will kena… Safety also low… hahaha…
    Malaysia! Oh Tanah airku….

  8. My proton year 1997 1.5 sedan still works…..
    The only good model.. the rest from my friends feedback on Gen-2, Perdana, others proton model all got issues.
    I wanted to buy foreign car but….u know too expensive. Now I’m working in overseas, I drive HONDA CRV so cheap…

  9. In developing countries the politicians have a fleet of luxury cars that are imported duty free, and expect the public to pay mind boggling taxes on basic cars.

    Malaysia and Sri Lanka are two such examples and I have lived in both countries.

    Just to give an example; I currently live in Australia (thank God!!) where I purchased a V6 3.0 Toyota Camry for AUS$32,000. That is less than half of my annual income here in Australia. In Malaysia this car would be AUS$55,000 (RM 155,000) and in Sri Lanka it would be AUD$112,000 (Rs. 16 million) The average Sri Lankan earns less than Rs.40,000 a month which makes it 33 years income to buy a CAMRY!! Now do you see my point?

  10. Yahoooooo, when is our Malaysian Car prices going down??…..cannot afford with low salary now all food prices going sky high whatever you can think off all go up even our postage too, huh!

  11. next month i will go to Singapore.i want to buy a new car but don’t know can or not someone work out from Malaysia can make a loan car from me

  12. One thing that you will learn when working on your own car, or buying car parts is about the “core charge”. Basically, when you buy certain car parts like brake rotors, alternators, brake calipers, distributors and even engines they have a “core” – in reality all of these parts are made of many valuable components and even though some aspect has failed, this doesn’t mean the whole part is junk. The core charge is basically like a bottle deposit, but in this case, its a car part deposit that encourages you to recycle! So when you swap the new part for the old, you return the core and it goes back to the part manufacturer for rebuilding and recycling.

  13. Even our sotong had been tax from our government. If our government want to protect our national car. it should waive the tax for the local make car. And who say we should thanks to sotong for having cheapest car locally.

  14. my work is to do customs clearance at port klang for importing car. for your information car tax is not so expensive. used car dealer are the one that make the car price so expensive.for example odyssey RM160k,their cost only RM80k.wish RM130k=RM60k.estima RM180k=RM90k.e200 RM160k=RM80k.porsche RM400k=RM200k.i dont know who is controlling the market price but im sure if you selling below market price,somebody will come to you(not to buy the car).all the raya discount,merdeka discount is just a crap.only rm1k-rm2k off but their cost almost half of that price.

  15. this is naza wolrd will do but i saw almost all the used import car will not do this naza wolrd from no where to get the duty not that expansive . I want to buy a 2007 mercedes-benz e55amg from japan auction aso cannot need to get the fu*king AP and the duty tax is f*c*ing expansive . i hop u all guys know that malaysia is not good Sri Lanka that kind of place is because the govment has no brain our govment can make patronas tween tower why they don’t want to reduce the tax from 300% to 0% and proton can improve the car . proton can make it cheaper and good but proton saw the import tax is too high only proton car’s are expansive stupited proton …… if i am the proton boss i will make back wheel drive like mercedes-benz lots of safty feature and the speed meeter look like shit in proton every car . the dash need to be like mercedes-benz r-class that is beautiful and more hose power . make more feature like light sensor , parktronic , rain sensor , and more …… proton should not make any rubbish campro name do like proton engine v6 or v8 . make own car don’t use lotus name. the sport rim must be big like 17″ and above . make lather seat and larger for all cars less plastick . sorry i am out of title but i hop u all can help me transfet this massage to proton enginer or that can help to build a new car with this feature tankyou .

  16. Great information for me. Thanks Yoyo.

    Can I check with you about importing a new/used Camry from HongKong? How much will it cost me to get the car running on the road in M’sia, plus tax.

  17. I am working in middle east ,,
    The saddest thing i see is our Proton Waja, sold for only 40,000 Diham with full spec.
    As a malaysian this car was made in malaysia was sold 64,000 Rm in malaysia ..
    How do u feel when u see the price.? I rather buy a 1980 nissan sunny 120 y or a E240 MEC .if i have $$$..
    I will never Drive Proton in my LIfe …

  18. we pay high import tax. high road tax. tolls. our country is exporting petrol but we can’t be subsidised. fine. don’t subsidise us. but why cant they remove the subsidy together with the road tax at least ? lets not hope the gov. reduce the import tax. but only road tax and toll fees. ish…

    and what kind of system is that. road tax and import tax according to engine cc? thats really old school man.

    a 2010 mercedes E300 efficiency is .23sen per litre. the 20xx-2010 waja efficiency is .30sen.
    but we are PUNISHED for using big Cc cars here in malaysia.


  19. There is no point we all argue here… None of the government people will have a look of it or even take any action.. So better start save money and migrate.. oh yea.. i want earn sg money and buy a car there.

  20. pronton and perodua they are not making a quality car.they making quantity income…for example..perodua alza EXI for RM66k
    but the car quality not worth Rm66k,they increase the price becox of out goverment set high import tax

  21. I have used waja b4, in my life i hv decided not to drive stupid m’sian car anymore. What is so proud to own a lousy m’sian made car? further more f*cking media proudly say buy m’sian brand product. everytime when i hear or see the ads abt this i get f*cking mad. our goverment cheating the public and yet many m’sian supporting local cars. wat a waste. like u guys said foreign are so expensive in m’sia but other countries selling them so cheap.

    I will not vote the current ruling goverment, i will vote opposition like what i did in the past. Its not bringing any good things or changes if keep voting the stupid current ruling parties.

  22. I just feel sad actually, to think that most of people outside Malaysia can enjoy driving the best quality cars can be offered out there. You know, if we lived in UK driving a Merc is not considered luxury compared to driving a Rolls Royce or Bentley. What we’re seeing here now, owners of Merc must be a businessman or someone who has a well compelling income like doctors. This 200% tax is killing the citizen, why do they want to charge the people with such high tax in order to make the national cars sell like hot cakes. These unnecessary approach is taken by govt. because they want to protect the market value of these shit Proton or whatever car. Why do they take up to 200% tax rate, why not 50-100% in a way to make the citizen fell less burden with our strained life. Whom else do get 20k++ salary plus sided benefits excepts for those bloody ministers. Please consider these taxes for the love of God and people residing in Malaysia.

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