Malaysia Latest Car Loan Interest Rates

Last Saturday my friend told me that he bought a national car 3 months ago and his car loan interest rates was 4% for 7-year loan tenure. But, mine was 3.5% (5-year loan tenure) only. I still remember last year for 7-year tenure loan interest rate should be 3.65%. Thus, car loan interest rates in Malaysia had been increased. I think this is following the recent increase in the Bank Negara Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) in March.

car loan interest increase

In year 2009, when the OPR was at a historical low of 2%, the borrowers used to pay only up to 2.85% interest rate for a new foreign car. That’s the reason I can have the lower loan interest rate for my car.

Latest Car Loan Interest Rates

The bank’s revised interest rates for new foreign cars were 3.5% (5-year tenure), 3.75% (7-year) and 3.85% (9-year). Meanwhile, rates for new national cars were 3.85% (5-year tenure), 4%(7-year) and 4.10% (9-year). Before that, new foreign car loan interest rates was ranged from 3.25% to 3.5% while new national car loan interest rates were 3.5% to 3.75%.

Based on my personal analysis, I noticed that the interest rate policy has been changed and it’s no longer based on the national or non-national car. It’s now based on CC instead.

CC                                    1-5 years         6-7 years        8-9 years
Up to 1400 CC                  3.85%               4.00%               4.10%
1500 to 1800 CC              3.50%                3.75%               3.85%
Above 1800 CC                 3.40%                3.60%             3.75%

So, it’s better to reconsider whether to purchase a car at this time. If you are really keen to purchase a car, then find the best offering interest rates, as we can see those banks are competing one another to get business.

If not mistaken, the next OPR will be revised on 8 July 2010. So, you can take note on this date & do comparison on the interest rate.

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