Malaysia Petrol Price Will Rise 15 cents per liter

Malaysia government will cut the subsidy budget and will increase the petrol price by 15 cents from the current price (RM1.80 per liter) for RON95. Not only that, our petrol price will hike in schedule. These are our forecast petrol price in between 2011-2015.


* Current 2010 petrol price – RM1.80 per liter for RON95
* 3rd quarter of 2010 petrol price hike – RM1.95 per liter
* 2011 petrol price – RM2.16/liter
* 2012 petrol price – RM2.20/liter
* 2013 petrol price – RM2.34/liter
* 2014 petrol price – RM2.52/liter
* 2015 petrol price – RM2.60/liter

So, basically, these are just the proposed hikes for RON95 only. RON97 was not mentioned at all. Once petrol price hike, everything will be more and more expensive. Manufacturing company & transportation will take this advantage to increase the price. Boss don’t want to increase the salary, end up workers suffer the most. People with higher salary can pay for this price hike but for that lower income group, they will definitely feel the pinch.

My Point of View on Petrol Price Hike

Although I am not quite support our government decision but I feel that their action may not 100% wrong also. Do you think our government is in the control of oil and gas price? Our citizens always want everything (flour, sugar, water, electric, oil) to be subsidized, then who cares about our government? Tolls are not government and it’s the private sectors owned, so what the hell keep on blaming our government?

Malaysia Government Should Wake Up!

I just hope that our government should know to save some money, for a sudden disaster. They know to take the subsidy away, then they should know to save billions and the future of Malaysia will be guaranteed. I really hope that this time they should aware and do something right for our citizens rather than adopting previous method which maintaining the subsidy and face the possible catastrophe that will happen.

6 thoughts on “Malaysia Petrol Price Will Rise 15 cents per liter”

  1. I’ve no objection of the uplift of subsidy to the RAKYAT, provided that NO “subsidy” to all the crony companies first !!!

    No, politically it is not going to happen as proposed, which is a “pure” economic projection.

  2. I have no problem with the hike. However, just like everyone else, I would like to know where the money that the government saved up from NOT paying subsidy goes.

    If this is what’s going to happen, someday Kancil will be more precious than any other cars.

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