Malaysia Road Tax Rates

This is the Malaysia road tax rates, which made with effective from 1st January 2007. Road tax rates have been lowered by amounts in between 0.6% to 33%. Although it’s a difference of only MYR10 to MYR20 but it at least can help to reduce citizen financial burden. Hopefully that the government can propose new road tax rates in the 2009 Budget.

The following table illustrates the road tax structure of vehicles that running on petrol & diesel for Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak:

malaysia road tax

They’ve set a fixed road tax rate for every 200cc of increase in engine capacity, so basically someone with a 1600cc engine saves more than someone with a 1401cc engine.

Someone said that our government is useless and brainless, or some of them, don’t even go to higher education. “What I know is some western countries imposing high tax for gas high cc engine is due to environment concern, not like our government first intention is to suck more money!” Haha…really funny!!

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  1. hi all,
    i see that there is a sliding scale over 3000cc for petrol cars, can anyone please give me close to accurate rate for 3744cc merrcedes sl350


  2. I know this is old but I can’t resist from posting this.

    Import Cars = Sells for a much higher price than overseas (yes even after conversion it is more than 2:1 difference)

    Gas Price = Producers My Ass

    Toll = Overkill

    Road Tax = Overkill

    Other countries like USA do not have road tax. The price of gas covers road tax. If you have no idea about how the system works in other countries dont blog about it.

    Malaysia taxes for import cars, road use and fuel. Other country chooses 1 out of the 3 or maximum 2 out of the 3 charge. Malaysia has all 3 + an impossible amount of tax + horrible road conditions.

    If you have not been overseas and lived there and/or researched their terms of funding. Don’t blog about it. You’re making urself look stupid.

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