Malaysia’s Sugar Price Increased?


Since 1st of January, Malaysia sugar price increased from RM1.45 to RM1.65 per kilo in Peninsular Malaysia and RM1.75 in East Malaysia. As I known, our government was still maintaining a subsidy of RM0.80 per kilo. However, I heard many people said that one day our government would remove the sugar subsidy in order to minimize the amount of sugar intake and meanwhile reduce the diabetic cases in our country.


I am sure that this hike in sugar price will cause the price of every sugar made product to be increased. So, do you think who is suffering in the end? For me, the rise in diabetic cases is just an excuse to work out the plan. Eating less sugar is absolutely good for health but not at the expenses of putting burden onto the public.

My Point of Views: Sugar Subsidy Removed

Actually, it’s a wrong timing for the government to remove sugar subsidy now since citizens are facing hard to survive in this high inflation period. For me, they are not solving the problem for citizens but put more burdens to us. If they want to remove, better not this time, try to postpone the implementation to some other day in future.

Besides, they should think properly because sugar price increased will affect food prices to be increased as well. It’s no doubt that the number of diabetes cases is increasing but the government ought to educate the people to use less sugar rather than simply removing sugar subsidy, am I right?

The sugar price increased would not have desirable effect on sugar consumption. People would still be drinking their coffee and Milo no matter the subsidy is removed or not. Just take a look at the tobacco industry. The prices of cigarettes have been increased few years ago, but there is no sign of people quitting.

I have already fed up with this kind of announcement and feel that it’s almost the same story everytime. Price increased, you will get some few words, telling us to change our lifestyle and accept the reality. The opposition party starts to protest, then the police beats up some people for certain reason, and after that everyone forgets about it and back to normal once again. Rinse and repeat.

As a Malaysian citizen, we really cannot do anything or equivalent to nothing actually. Everytime there’s price increased, you just open up your legs wide, and invite people to fuck you only. Am I right?

6 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Sugar Price Increased?”

  1. I agreed with you..
    we cannot do anything..but accept the prices hike or fu***** price!
    We all know..foods and drinks prices going up… everyday..we donate to unknown charity unwillingly or being robbed unknowingly…. due to some stupid
    leaders decision and announcement.
    Expect more to come..because we need to feed white elephants and keep fifty sharks alive..

  2. I agree with, i think lately government started hiking the price. What in my mind now, the government now not have money and this the way to pump in money to their account. Recently i heard from my fried who work with Petronas, government had taken much money from them, it is double from previous year. Because of the the bonus given to all petronas start reduce from 9 months to 2 months, just imagine how bad the financial problem our goverment faces now.

  3. the price increase just bring more burden to poor people when they drink in kopi tiam….
    As for manufacturer, the price increase doesnt increase their cost. This is because the sugar used for commercial purpose are in bigger package and don’t enjoy any form of subsidy.
    More and more kopitiam will use the high sugar price as an excuse to increase their selling price. Instead, their margin is already very high. The gov is conspirator, the seller is the associate. Both are culprit.

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