Maybank Visa Debit Is Not Actual Debit Card

Have you ever heard about Maybank New Visa Debit Card? I noticed that many naive bloggers said this card can be used for online transaction but I want to emphasize on this issue and make a conclusion that it’s not like other Bank debit card, which allow for online transaction. But, it is possible to do that in future since now still in phase I.

Visa Debit

Why so confident to say that? This is my conversation with Maybank customer service staff…See the proof here…

My Proof

What’s the features?
Actually it’s not a Debit Card but more on Electronic Use (ATM Card). If you use previous Maybank ATM card, I think only certain amount of Visa merchant can accept it. With this new card, you won’t feel worry much and for sure you can use it for payment if the Visa Logo is represented there.

For replacement from old ATM card to this Visa Debit Card, you will be charged about MYR12. This is inescapable !!! (I’m not exception too) This will beneficial for new customer who have no saving account with Maybank before, they can open the account and get 1 free.

I have asked Bank Officer about the reward points and they said that for every MYR 1 you spent you would get 3 Treat Points. These points can be transfer to your Maybank Credit Card Account (If you own it) for point’s combination.

Remain Question Mark In Myself !?!?
Better don’t use it to make payment at Petrol Station as it will deduct your money up to MYR150 even your pumped fuel price is MYR10. But they will refund you MYR 140 on the other day. Why got this kind of sucks process?? Is it Maybank want to borrow our money temporary to do something?

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  1. thanks for this detailed information about Maybank Visa Debit Card as am considering to replace my existing KawanKu ATM to this new Visa & ATM 2 in 1 Debit Card.

  2. bro,
    good info since u r the one who really try ot and email the maybank customer service. solid proof that this debit card wont work.

    one of my reader told me that maybank debit card will be use for online transaction after June this year

    me, just stick with Tune Card hehe

  3. It’s normal for debit card to do like that on petrol station. Some say petronas will deduct 150, somesay shell will deduct 120. Same like creditcard if you have only rm30 balance to use from your credit limit. Use indoor terminal if you dont want to have this thing.

    Please read the T&C fully before use or buy anything. It stated there… Online can only be use after june…

  4. I’ve about 2-3 Debits (either Visa or Mastercard) and none allowed me to do an online transaction.

    Soon enough I gave up and resorted to Credit Cards which works fine..

  5. huh? i dun understand, why they deducted rm150 then the next day returned the balance? i’m currently using public electron debit card, got kinda good comments from other users, but myself seldom use so still dunoe.. :p

  6. PB debit card can be used to do online transaction and it only need u to deposit RM25 for main and supplementary card

  7. yes..maybank visa debit will only have online transaction after June..this is latest news given by Maybank customer service

  8. one thing came up to my mind.

    if a hacker can stole our debit card info can they use it, I mean how safe is safe. This debit card link to our saving account rite.

    It happens to me once, so just think about it

  9. wei lankapo, u stupid or what? Credit card if people steal can still lose money one….debit is just like it except it’s shittier

  10. dear God,
    sorry if my humble opinion offended u. 🙂
    if a credit card fraud, they use the money from bank

    but if a debit card, then it use your money from saving account rite?

  11. i wonder what is the rational on this Pre-authorization charges…..can someone from maybank explain me on it….because RM150.oo each time,i think is too much….can this charge be reduce to as low as RM1.oo or as high as 10.oo?

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  14. I read similar article also named Visa Debit Is Not Actual Debit Card | imDavidLee Dot Com | Mr. Money’s Blog, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

  15. Hi , I agree with this article, just sometimes I read so fast everything and I miss things that after read them again, I can understand it better.. ;). Your Visa Debit Is Not Actual Debit Card | imDavidLee Dot Com | Mr. Money’s Blog Blog Stumbled up and Bookmarked, so I keep updated on every article you write from now now on visa merchant account.

  16. When bank actually can use their debit card for PAYPAL. Anybody can suggest. I do have Al-Rajhi (Failed) and Maybank (also Failed)and loss RM12/- already. So which bank really offer real debit card that can be a primary ref for my Paypal Account? Anybody?

  17. Allo,

    Im just surfing then i was drop at this page…haha
    Hei guys if u want to use debit card for paypal, im suggest to use tune card by tunemoney..
    im using it for paypal, n it was accepted..rather than maybank debit card..n it also can withdraw ur money from atm. but im not say it’s good,..u may try it… 🙂

  18. the pre authorization fee that maybank charge is to safeguard their interest because they are afraid some people with less then rm200 pumps exceeding the amount they have in their savings this sense if your savings has rm200 and above means you can pump the amount you want.its like the maximum amount you can pump for a car,and did i mention that maybank now charges rm200 for every pump instead of rm150 before this?

    and i have one question,how can i use the treat points?as in redeem it for prizes or cash money?pls help

  19. well, up to this day i dont think maybank debit card can be used for online transaction still… can it? ^o)

    hmm… bleh~ yaloh… the treat points… no clear information about its usage from maybank… >< faint~

  20. The pre authorization fee is not only used by Maybank. Almost every local bank like CIMB also used this kind of “payment method” for petrol transaction. Maybe u don’t realize it if u used the credit card (because the trnx not immediately shows in ur statement) instead of debit card. I fnd ths card friendly and helpfull. Maybe u dun really understand the prpose of ths crd.

  21. David, most of Maybank Debit Card users are aware of this. Well I was 1 of the 50th customer who got the Maybank Debit Card when it was officially launched. I am aware and I was noticed on the day I got my card that it is not applicable to do any transaction on the E-Channels. Currently the Maybank Debit Card is running on beta version.It’s service will be upgraded and all Maybank Debit Card holders will be applicable to use it on the E-Channels.

    Other than that,it is so convenient as I do not carry much cash around when Im moving. The Debit card can be used in most of the merchandised stores,cinema’s and even in Starbucks too. Every RM1 you spend via the card you get 1 Threat Point. I have just exchanged my 3000 threat points for a RM10 MC’Donalds voucher.

  22. Excellent written English in the Maybank email. They actually say it ‘can’ be used.. not ‘cannot’..

    It should read as:

    “We regret to inform you that the visa debit card cannot be used for online transactions at this time. We are currently working on it and shall notify you once it has been successfully implemented.”

  23. tq for sharing. iwas about to change my old card to the new debit card purposely, for Online transaction.

    But this is old entry though, I wonder whether they already have system-ready for the online transaction. anyone have tried that??


  24. This card is bullshit. True enough the guys at Maybank told me that at the moment it can’t be used for online transactions. But it can be used at 29 million Visa merchants worldwide.

    I study in Melbourne, Australia and this card can’t work anywhere. Tried it in Supermarkets, Train stations and even in the ATM machine in HSBC Australia. Says “declined, please contact Bank”. If can’t be used in Australia, I bet it can’t be used anywhere

    This card is no better that the old Yellow-Black Maybankcard.

    Banks in Australia also give Visa and Mastercard Debit that has the 100% functionality of a Credit Card. You can do online transactions, use worldwide (used it succesfully in Malaysia), even have your name embossed on it like a cardit card. This is for use in rural areas where they don’t have electronic terminals.

    And if you’re a student, it’s 100% free in most banks (like Commbank, NAB, Westpac, St George)

    ANZ Bank – only Maestro, not Visa / Mastercard. For Visa, pay AU$ 3/month.

  25. Answer i need to know:
    – will them send monthly statement? wil it be charged?
    – what is the minimum amount needed in saving/current account?
    – ‘top up’ is just bank in amount into account?
    – any hidden charge?
    – everytime use it, need sign or enter PIN or both?
    – “Pre-authorization” needed for purchase something at merchants/ shops/ hipermarket ? (i know at petrol station it is need , RM150)
    – shall user need to purchase something to activate it or activated since we received the card?
    – any terms that need user use it certain amount at beginning like some credit do?

  26. From October 2009, PayPal funds can be transfer to Malaysia Bank Account. No Need US Bank Account & Visa Card ANYMORE..!!! Please check..!!

  27. wei… u can use maybank atm overseas. I did tat a long time ago in Perth, Aust. No prob. Only thing is… u got to inform maybank first before going overseas so tat they can do setting…..;)

  28. Hi guys, i replace my old maybank card to maybank visa debit. Now I’m able to shopping online and verify Paypal and also pay for petrol..

    What you have to do only simply register for shopping online at your account in maybank2u.

  29. @FxTrader,
    yup true, now Maybank Debit card can be use for internet transaction.

    David, I think you have to put update on this entry or otherwise people will get confuse.

    One reader simply calling me stupid because of this issue hehe

  30. You eyes might pop if you here this.
    On 21stSep10 , I was shocked to find an unauthorised debit of RM2,000 from my Maybank Visa debit card and on that very same evening I have make the reports to Maybank and they told me that they will investigate but it will takes 45days or More. until today they (customer service) still says that they are still investigating but my RM2,000 is gone from my account just like that. Cust.Service refused to even provide the contact of the actual Maybank staff handling my case. Everytime I call up they just told me the same words ` it’s still under process ! and may take 45 days or more ‘

  31. By default, your Maybank Debit Card is not set for overseas use. Just call +60 3 7844 3696 and seek their advice to activate overseas use for withdrawal. Then, they will do and give some briefs about the usage and charges. You shall either permanently or temporarily set for overseas use. Hope this will help you.

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