19 thoughts on “Maybank vs Public Bank Gold Investment”

  1. Gold had a very interesting ride this few weeks. I’ve been monitoring these for quite sometime..say 3 weeks :). Not so sure about gold as an investment vehicle though..My plan would be to convert my savings in gold…liquidity would not be an issue now since its a passbook account..target to have at least 3 months expenses saved in GOLD πŸ™‚

  2. author is suggesting that it’s better to invest in Public Bank…i guest as it offer higher buying price.
    but public investment gold not insured by PIDM.

  3. hey, just wondering if let say today i have secured myself 1g rm100, then monday another 1g for rm11o then on tues i decided to sell it with the price 102. How do i sell it?do i sell the first 1g or…

  4. public investment gold not insured by PIDM??? what about investment directly with Publicgold?anyone knw about it?which is better; thru local bank or direct with the merchandiser? tq

  5. pcblind: gold investment only can be done through counter….

    as summary..lets invest in pbb because of lower price rates..:)

  6. for the past few days the charges are almost the same..both banks are charging at about rm5.50 currently..i thnik maybe maybank is better because it’s 100% backed up by physical gold and u can opt to withdraw them rather than pbb which no longer (actually never) give out physical gold..

  7. Currently gold price keep increase, got forecast that International Gold Price will increase to USD1850/oz (MYR195/gram) by the end of 2011.

    This few days price keep increase, Dated 19/4/2011:
    Maybank sell price is MYR148.56 Public sell price is MYR149.11 Whether should buy it now??

  8. Dear author, please be specific as in to which bank should be invested in as some are confused with your blank statement.

    Maybank minimum is 1gram. Price is
    rm171.56. Check the website.But because the difference is high, it is better to invest in Public bank.

    But as if’ve checkd, CIMB is offering the best buying and selling rates. Too bad I invested in maybank. Cheaters.

    check CIMB,maybank and public bank and compare the difference.

    to see which bank is better, use this equation
    ‘selling price – buying price’
    the one with the lowest margin is the best.

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