MBA Course – Worth It Or Not?

After conducted a few survey about MBA course, I found that quite a great number of Malaysian do not agree that MBA can guarantee career success. Many said that the value of it is exaggerated.

MBA course

I have few friends who graduated oversea and comes back to Malaysia to work and deserves the low pay. I can see that almost 50% of them rather prefer get posted to other countries like Singapore to work in MNCs. This is because they will be more appreciated and paid based on their qualifications.

However, most companies will pay more for a person who is ambitious, and a proven track record of performance or learning. I believe that if you’re young with MBA paired with reasonable work experiences, solid education and good communication skills then it’s extremely convincing proof of a potential performer.

Based on my observation, Malaysia’s employers are more recognize the work done or experience than the piece of paper. The qualification is just a pre-requirement to apply for a job, but what you actually do and having the experience actually counts more.

For me, it would be best if you take part time MBA course as you don’t sacrifice your work experience and you still get a MBA after 2 or 3 years. If you are able to get steady promotions in a full time job and excel at your part time MBA as well, then for sure many employer will snap you up as you’ve proven that you can outperform your peers by doing both when many of them can’t cope with that.

Thus, I will still decide to take MBA course as it was designed to help IT folks to move out of technical positions and into management positions. And of course, people with business or finance backgrounds may find the MBA programme more redundant as it merely reinforces their current knowledge. I really hope that after taking this MBA then can learn a lot of new concepts and make my career more into the management.

One thought on “MBA Course – Worth It Or Not?”

  1. Agree on the point that it’s better to work and do MBA part time. In that way you don’t only get working experience and also your MBA. Killing two birds with one stone.

    Besides that, no extra education is a waste. So it is worth it if you ask me whether MBA is worth or not.

    You cant buy knowledge with money. Yes, you can buy a MBA cert but the education and the things you going to learn will surely be useful in your life.

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