Minimum Salary for Indonesian Maid?


Do you know the Indonesian maid salary in different country? Based on what I’ve known, the Indonesian maid in Hong Kong and Taiwan need to go through intensive training and well prepared to carry out the household task whereas Indonesian maid head to Malaysia were not properly trained.

Standard Rate for Indonesian Maid Salary In Different Country

The Indonesian maid in Singapore and Taiwan will have more higher salary which is around RM2,400 per month while basic salary for Indonesian maid in Hong Kong is around RM1,700. So it is no surprise that more quality Indonesian maids are flocking to other places, while the remaining stay in Malaysia and among of them will have very low educated or even low morale value in themselves.

Based on what I’ve heard on the air, the standard rate for Indonesian maid salary in Malaysia is around RM 450 to RM 550 per month but the agency fees had increased from RM3, 500 to RM6, 000. The fees were increased due to the rising global petrol prices.

Previously, I got the news said that Indonesia demand maids to be paid at a minimum of RM800 per month but it may affect the low-income group of Malaysians. I personally think that our government should take control of this recruitment agency and ensure that if higher salary needs to be paid to the well-trained maid then they should make sure that the job vacancy for Malaysian employee should be remained stagnant. This also can increase the productivity and bring more benefits to household.

5 thoughts on “Minimum Salary for Indonesian Maid?”

  1. my previous maids completed all their term of contract and one renewed for almost 7 years.

    But last wednesday, was a Black day for me. Maid employed just 4 months ago, ran away. I supposed she followed her “relative’ stayin somewhere near Keramat. I stay in Setiawangsa. Imagine how near it is.

    she looks good and fine but she knew what to demand. based on my previous maid experience, I dont know why I ttrusted her so much. The day she ran away, she took away her passport which was in my document cabinet. Seems she had been watching for all these.

    Now I want to know what is the authorities doing:

    Maid that run away, if caught if we still give them ” pengampunan ” and send them back free? why not making them work for free at the charity house?

    how about those stay in illegally after sometime ( over stay ) and comfortably work at the restaurant, part-time cleaner, part-time helpers and setting business at the market. You can see alot in Pasar Keramat.

  2. when maid is abused its news
    but what about us who have treated them good– with respect plus the usual perks but they end up running away..

    we have to cough out thousands of ringgit to feed those bloodsuckers to get our maid replaced. we are the losers, no choice beco we dont want our kids to end up with 20 other kids in 10 by 10 daycare room..

    anybody know why its so damn expensive nowadays? surely petrol has nothing to do with maid costs.. knowing bolehland there must be some bloody fat behind the scene profiteering from our suffering…

  3. honestly..these indonesian maids working in malaysia cannot compare themselves who r working in singapore or taiwan as they r way much civilised and well behaved..they r obedient n don’t simply mingle around unlike what the maids working in malaysia do. i recently renewed my maids passport n at the embassy she was asked about her salary n so she said RM550..they (the embassy ppl) advice her to ask for her salry to be increased to RM600..well im sincerely upset not because of the salary increament but y can’t they advice her to work hard, sincere n live an honest living while serving for the family or employers she is working for..strange rite..u claim to fight for the right or ur ppl..what about those cases where ur ppl abuse our malaysian kids,kill their employers without any mercy..train them to be honest,loyal and hard working first..

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