Mistake is The Best Teacher

I don’t think there is a perfect person in this world, everyone makes mistakes either big or small. If you look from positive side, making mistakes is also a way or learning. If you don’t make a mistake, how can you learn not to make the same mistake again?

learn from mistake

For me, mistakes are an essential part of self-improvement. I always view it as a stepping stone to a higher reality and better outlook in my career. Even the most-experienced and best skilled employee still can make a mistake at work. So, it’s important to accept it and realise from the beginning that it’s how you learn and move forward that matters the most. In fact, in order for you to success in the workplace it depends on how well you do your job and how you handle failure to stay ahead of your competitors.

I do not like to play the blame game as it can cause your team members less loyal to you. If possible, we should not blame others even if it’s not your fault. It’s better to apologise for something that you did wrong and then forget about it as it is good for creating team morale.

Making mistake is not something to be ashamed of, you don’t have to feel regret or take it to heart. Instead you should stand up from where you feel and move on. If you keep blaming yourself for making mistakes and refuse to get out of it, not only you but people around you will suffer too. So, stand up on your own after falling down if you really want to be successful employee in the organization.

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  1. Hi David Lee,
    I like your blogs, its not only share in financing freedom but its also share with life learning…
    Thanks In Advance…

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