Mobile Wallet Another New Trend In Malaysia !!


I’m sure lots of people have heard about Mobile Money, which is card less credit card, right? But have you heard about Mobile Wallet. Yes!!! It’s another new kind of trend that you can use Phone as a Wallet and no need carry so much cash together. You just SMS when doing any transaction and money will deduct from there. It is approved by BNM at the same time.



I don’t know the background of the company. Even they are approved by BNM on the project but that does not mean that the BNM knows what they are doing. Initially the company might propose up the plan and approved by the BNM on the Mobile Wallet project. The company may use this approval and draws up another strategy plan to run MLM.

How about its usage?

I just share what I have known to you all and at the same time still finding the opportunity to know more about its feature. We need to top up cash to Mobile Wallet to use as a Wallet to make purchase. Normally, when we swipe credit card, we will kena charges. But, there is no charge on the users when they spend and the charges go to our pocket instead of the pos office and etc.

And for the merchants, they prefer doing business in this way because the money is only shown in Digit. Thus, consumer may feel like easier to pay.

Actually, I have confused about the investment scheme, hopefully people can explain more about it. I just wonder whether it is a get-rich-quick scheme or MLM or referral program? If it is, then I will say no to it!!!


There are 3 plans for us to invest.

1st is RM11,400 — return is 5% + 5% monthly
2nd is RM22,000 — return is 6% + 6% monthly
3rd is RM44,000 — return is 7% + 7% monthly ( every 5th & 20th )

Personally feel that this is the fishy part, invest 11k get 5% + 5% monthly, then invest 22k get 6% so on, the company not yet making money then how they are going to give return to you. Only pyramid scheme can do it for the return rate.

After joining this Mobile Wallet, you will get a e-Account, every month you will get rebate from company, depend on which package did you buy.

But if you willing to pay those bill to those Maxis, Digi, Celcom, TMnet, Telekom with using e-money wallet, you don’t need have to pay extra processing fees. But if you withdraw out to pay your bill, then you have to pay it.

The another confusing question is the 44k the most matter, as why people want to top up so much money which generally average people won’t be consuming or use the money to purchase goods or online payment in short period of time. What is the focus of this kind of investment?

14 thoughts on “Mobile Wallet Another New Trend In Malaysia !!”

  1. damn mobile wallet sucking my rm44,000… they are scam and stop paying since march 2008. hell, wonder what are those bank negara ppl doing… sit on their chair enjoying aircon with all our tax payers money…

  2. Andy, I thought Mobile Wallet no longer sell those packages? If I can remember correctly, one of my friends told me that she went to the company to reclaim back her investment.

    btw, investment schemese call under kementerian perdagangan dalam negeri dan hal-ehwal pengguna, i believe. should lodge a complain to that body on them as many had done so too.

  3. Dun b stupid la…. all ur money already spend to buy bungalow at cheras taman segar (stanley wong)RM4,400,000 and sieramas (ray gan)RM3,600,000. Why malaysian damm stupid????

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