My New Year Resolutions for 2019

The end of the year is a time of reflection and being grateful for what you have. It’s time to think about how you can be better. Be the change if you want to make you stronger.

1. Cut Down on Seminar Time. Earn More.

I do feel like my life is ruled a little too much by attending seminars and workshops. Committing to a few seminar-free hours each day might be exactly what I need to break my addiction. Cut down on seminar to make more time for earning extra income instead of wasting most valuable time doing low value work.

Earn More: Even billionaires are often looking for ways to earn more income, and we common folk can definitely use an additional income stream to make our life a bit more comfortable.

2. Build a Regular Income Portfolio. Save More.

Creating a steady flow of income is my top priority these few years. You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it. Trading for income is a thing of the past for me. It’s difficult to dedicate enough time to trading and I’ve wasted hours of frustration through stock market trading and not making much money. Whether it’s long-term holding or short-term trading, the market always seems to be against us, especially amidst the current soft and quiet market conditions.

Moving forward, I will save myself hours of frustration every day and costly losses trying to beat the market by generating passive income on a consistent basis.

Save more: Aiming to turn 3-digit to 4-digit sustainable income by maintaining a balanced approach. Rome was not built in a day – neither is a well-planned savings. It will take years to accumulate and become financially FREE. Growth & comfort will never coexist. Always take on things you never done before. That is, how I reinvent myself by levelling up.

3. Set a Daily Intention. Learn More.

I feel like I’m living on auto-pilot. Next year, I will start my day by setting a daily intention to feel more in control of my life and actions. Spending 30 minutes of quality time could mean reading a book, housekeeping, listening music, surfing internet or playing game. Focus on activities that not only make myself feel good, but also relieve stress and improve personal well-being. And over time, those intentions may serve as a small step toward big changes. The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

I will try to take different approach to do things, interact with others in a new and interesting way. It’s not about doing different things, but doing things differently.

Learn more: Books are an excellent way to gain knowledge, and are also a great exercise for our brain. It’s not that difficult to go through 1 or 2 books in a year, we just need to make it a habit and find some time for reading. Continuous learning helps us perform to the best of our abilities every time, no matter where we are.

4. Cut Myself Some Slack. Be More Flexible.

If you didn’t make it to the jogging twice a week, don’t beat yourself up. We’re only human, and no one is perfect. Instead, always remind yourself that you will do better next time. The important thing is not to let ourselves slip-up derail our entire year. I will try to be resilient and change ready to ensure that I have the ability to be agile and flexible during times of uncertainty or when things aren’t going as planned.

Be More Flexible: Whatever we wanted to do,don’t wait for things to be perfect to start, begin with what we have at present and adjusting plans as we progress. I think this is how to move fast and break things. Experiences shape every moment of our life. From the moment we are born, we adjust to things based on everything we’ve seen and done. Am I right?

5. Travel and See the World. Enjoy More.

When you take a moment to do something for yourself, you will start to feel a sense of calm in what otherwise may be a hectic day. My favorite thing is to go somewhere I have never been and travel across the globe to experience different cultures.

Enjoy more: I will try to enjoy life more and celebrate more. Spend time with family and friends. Go out more often and meet friends or new people. Drive out of town to visit new places on weekend. Look up if there is delicious food that I could try.

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