My 1st Online Income

Say No To RM !!

Yeah! Previously, many people concern about me whether I have any progress with doing the Internet stuff in order to generate some extra income. At that time, I only build up my networking relationship and traffics but this time I have proven the way of making some bucks from Internet.

Although the amount that I have earned is not much but I felt quite happy with it since it is not the 1st time earn money from Internet but also can earn 3 times (Because im earning USD while im spending in Ringgit Malaysia). Hopefully can make more and more in future! Now waiting for next month income…Definitely will be more since putting in lots of effort!! Haha…

Secretly to tell you here…Actually I have lots of sources to generate money but feel no time to do it…Normally I will write review about other’s website, product and services which is offered by well-known advertisers. They are opening opportunity to all blogger to write post about their product & services, but the percentage of approval for you is depends on your blog traffics. If you can have guaranteed amount of readers visiting your blog frequently, then you will have the higher chance!

Secondly, this is the major part of my online income…Haha..How?

Seriously to tell you here…I am doing some online transaction and deal with 1 company that can give me lots of benefits. All the thing that I should do is must know to time yourself, be disciplined and always make sure that you have to do something before losing some portion of benefits. The only condition that you must have is Credit Card or Debit Card!

Thirdly, Forthly and Fifthly…sooner !!!

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