My Resolution 2012

As everybody known, a new year is just around the corner. Have you made a list of next year’s plan? How’re you going to achieve? For me, I have set my goals and objectives as follows:

Increase More Sales

The top priority that I plan to do for my business next year is to get myself more organized especially when dealing with business client’s requests. For example, offer responsive feedback to client when supporting the day-to-day task; provide more insights on web related product and services to the potential client and so on. If you can stay organized then it will let you focus on accomplishing your most important goals successfully.


Secondly, I will try to learn something new next year. Learning throughout the life cycle is a must if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Therefore, I will aim to increase sales volume next year by improving sales strategies and techniques when approaching customers.

Build More Investment Portfolio


Failure always provides motivation for me to achieve success. I have learnt from mistake this year and of course I have also explored into wider area of market analysis. One thing that makes me proud within this year is the creation of dFormula 2.0. It’s a system that I created using the combination of advanced and powerful mathematic calculation, forecasting technique, market trend analysis, fundamental research and financial management skills. Sooner or later, it will be my secondary income generator.

Look For A Property

Next year I have to seriously plan on buying a house. Prior to that, I will need to put myself on a budget now. This is because apart from mortgage payments, we also have to go through other operating costs such as renovation fees, furniture, insurance and general maintenance. So, all these require every extra penny from your pocket.


However, house prices have been skyrocketed recently and interest rates also have gone up. I believe that house prices may not go down any time soon. Plus, we currently seem to be entering into a seller’s market whereby housing demand is up and supply is low due to the world population growth keep on rising from time to time. It’s obviously much more difficult to find an affordable new house nowadays. Therefore, we should act fast in this competitive race.

Finally, I hope that next year can do much more better and achieve the greater heights in my life! That’s all about my plan, how about you?

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