My Stock Pick: Tricubes Bhd

Tricubes Berhad is a local based investment holding company. It provides biometric and smartcard solutions to government agencies, banks, and utility companies in Malaysia. This company also provides identity authentication and enterprise mobile solutions, as well as secure access and automation solutions, such as traffic surveillance and parking information systems.

In term of market share, this company was listed on Bursa Malaysia many years ago. However, the market shares never exceed 0.21 cents before. Until they day our government announce that Tricubes Bhd has been awarded for 1Malaysia Email service which will be working closely with Microsoft, then market share rose to highest at 0.325 cents.


Our government planned to invest RM5.3 million as initial funding on this project. Also, a total investment of RM50 million will be allocated for 10 years period. And, all these fund will be coming from private sector. Obviously, they are taking serious and ensure the sustainability of this project. So, do you think the market share will increase or not?

What’s 1Malaysia Email About?

According to Tricubes, the email service will be provided to users at no cost while the revenue sources will come from the value-added services. Besides that, the users will be able to use the account to receive government notices such as income tax assessment, driving licence renewal and Employee Provident Fund (EPF) statements and summons as well.

The registered domain email address will be in this form, but now what they concern is the security enhancement with data encryption. Once they can provide the robust solution, for sure the market price will go up again.

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