My New Year’s Resolution 2011

my resolution 2011

I always try to look back the past and think about what I have accomplished. I felt it is good to make your own past and future. The reason for you to look back is because you can realize the mistakes that you had been done before. And then, you can try to solve it so that it won’t be happening again for the rest of your life.

What I Have Been Done for Year 2010?

During this year, I was just trying to do the best for my current job and not really focusing on creating new online business. However, I had continued to make money from Pay-Per-Click advertising program and affiliate program. And, most of the time I would still satisfy with my online income.

Besides that, I have realized that what are my main goals that I want to accomplish within next 5 years. Start from next year, I will be more concentrate on generating income from investment and also running an online business which can generate profit without much time contributed into its.

My Financial Plan for Year 2011

Future Investment Plan

Time pass very fast! Somebody can make lots of money within few seconds; some contribute a lot of effort and time on their work to earn. Next year, I will be generating more money using own capital.

investment plan

Before going into any kind of investment we have to understand the current situation of our economy. Most of the smart investors should know and be alert enough before making any type investment. For my past investment history, I was choosing the low to medium risk investment. This may be in the:

i. Mutual fund
ii. Amanah Saham
iii. Insurance

However, start from next year I will be exploring more on stock, futures, and other equity fund. Recently, I have tried to do some warm up exercise which making stock performance analysis and conducting the test market. The reason why I choose to have aggressive investment is because I want to generate consistent monthly income from investment rather than only small return after investing many years. So, I will be sharing more about this in coming articles.

Education Plan

Year 2011 will be my study year as well. I am planning to study MBA course this year and will get more certifications too. I do not know how realistic my expectations are for my 5 years plan. What I am trying to do is to gain the job experience while studying MBA as well. This way I believe can build more experienced profile to hold with me throughout my life.

Education plan

I would still need to know more about the different programs that a graphic designer posses. Besides that, I have been asked to find out some short course in order to strengthen my multimedia skills which consists of Flash animation, graphics, video and audio plus writing skills so that I can build everything at my own feet. All the learning skills will not only use for web development but also print media as well.

Online Income Plan

Meanwhile, I will still focusing on blogging which nowadays become my automated money machine already. What I need to do is just keep on updating my multiple blog frequently and build traffics from time to time. However, I won’t focus on creating new blog this year as I need to allocate my time for other project also.

Freelance Earning Plan

I hope that I can provide a quality level of service for my web business even with my busy schedules. This is because I always remind myself by providing a reliable service to customers and in return they will reward you with loyalty customers.

All what I have planned to achieve is to faster my capital in order for me to fund my businesses and properties in future. So, what about you? Have you plan for year 2011?

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  1. You are quite young, David. You can afford to take more risk.

    Btw, insurance is a not a good vehicle to earn investments especially those investment-link insurance policy. So don’t dump extra premium into these policies. However, insurance is good way to transfer risks. Just buy what is sufficient according to your risk profile.


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