Neway Karaoke Promotion

neway karaoke

This is the Neway 8uddies Promotion which celebrates the 8th outlet of Neway Karaoke in Queensbay Mall, Penang. It’s very easy to get the discount! You just show an “8” in your identity card and get a 15% discount on head charge. Every subsequent “8” will be entitled for an additional 5% discount on head charge but up to maximum of 50% discount only. For example: IC number of 880808-07-5438 will get 15% + 20% discount. This promotion is only valid from until 30 June 2010 at Penang outlet. So, try to grab this golden opportunity as soon as possible!

neway promotion

Besides that, there’s an offer for DiGi Subscribers. You can get DiGi Rewards which is 15% off head charges during ‘Normal Hour’ sessions only when you present your DiGi mobile screen.

Currently, Penang karaoke industry is leading by Red Box Karaoke in Gurney Plaza which also origin from Hong Kong. I hope that the existence of Neway Karaoke Box Penang will offer the competitive advantage that creates more value and excellent service to the customer.

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  1. there is tibits charges too. for students,if u compare the rate with redbox gurney, the rate in neway queesbay is obviously more expensive.

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