Nikon D40 Affordable DSLR Camera

Nikon has often been known as a leader in the photo industry, but when talk about Nikon DSLR camera, then for sure people would think about โ€œexpensiveโ€.

Nikon D40

But, that was officially changed with the Nikon D40. I bought it at a price of just MYR 1450, bundled with an 18-55mm kit lens. Meanwhile, I managed to get free gift โ€“ 4GB SD card, lens filter, screen protector and Nikon camera bag. I would like to thanks iCalvyn and Sherying for giving me such useful information.

Why I More Prefer Nikon D40 ?

I’m quite bored with all types of point & shoot camera since ยพ of my part time jobs related to promoting and selling digital camera. So, i bought the D40 as my first DSLR. Basically, it was mainly because of the attractive price.

D40 can actually reach to ISO 3200 and the continuous mode is 2.5 frames per second. From other people experience, Nikon D40 lens is a little better, and quieter than the Canon Rebel XT. Nikon D40 does use a newer processing engine than the D50, and the test pictures look sharper.

I’ve really enjoyed shooting with it. The D40 is a camera for capturing fun and it is one of the best for carrying around because it is very small, lightweight and feel very comfortable in my hands. Other cameras are great for more serious work, but they are more bulky.

If you only use it occasionally or heavily once in a while and usually without flash, then it will not drain much battery power. From what said, the battery can last for over 1000 shots.

The Only Drawback of Nikon D40

D40 does not have an internal AF motor, you may not have auto focus on a great number of lens besides AF-S and AF-I. Lens is a big part of investment in DSLR since most people like to keep their favorite lens for future upgrades. I do not own any older lenses and will probably only buy one or two other Nikon or Nikkor lens, so no internal AF motor is not a big issue for me.

Mind to share with me if you have some insight on the D40 based on your experiences.

22 thoughts on “Nikon D40 Affordable DSLR Camera”

  1. I buy the Nikon DSLR at Penang, which is just opposite of Komtar. If you still do not know about the location, you can try to contact me at 016-4882575

  2. Being an owner of a D40 for nearly 3 years already, I’m happy to say that I’m really satisfied with it’s performance. Now I’m more than ready to move to higher specification Nikons.

    But for the fellow readers who just ask where to buy a new D40, I’m very sorry to inform that D40 is no longer in market. The latest replacement in ‘basic camera body category’ from Nikon is D3100. Try google it to find more infos…

  3. Just similar to SLR-style digital video camcorders, they will use a great EVF, given that these people absence a mirror to have an ocular through-the-lens view.

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