Nuffnang vs Advertlets


I believe these 2 advertising company are the biggest and most commonly heard local blog advertising agencies in the Malaysian blogosphere.

Yes…It’s pay per click program but it depends on your traffic (impression) also. You can have Nuffnang and Advertlets on your blog at the same time. You will only see the default Nuffnang banner if there are no sponsors for you.

Comparison Between Nuffnang and Advertlets

It’s a common scene to have people asking on which of these 2 being the better. Nuffnang and Advertlets are different from Google Adsense, Adsense is text based ads and the other two are graphical ads, so I don’t think the click will be separated

From what I’ve known, Nuffnang will pay per impression when a campaign is in place. Nuffnang will update your earnings every week in the dashboard while you may check your Advertlets daily earnings.

Nuffnang can cash out at RM50 while Advertlets allow you to cash out at RM100 which is take more time to achieve.

More people prefer Nuffnang than Advertlets since Advertlets have some problem in their payout system, they always did not pay bloggers earning in timely manner.

The Thing That Advertlets Can Compete With Nuffnang

Advertlets have Blogvertorials, means you write a post with pictures. After successfully doing so, they’ll pay you.

The Reason Why I Choose Nuffnang?


I have been using Advertlets more than a year and now it’s time to give myself a chance to try on Nuffnang since Nuffnang pay according to your traffics. While Advertlets only can pay you more if you post up Blogvertorial by them. Besides, I heard a lot of blogger said that if you get the campaign ads from Nuffnang, then you will get rewarded handsomely.

From other blogger who experienced with using Nuffnang ads, they said that you need to maintain the minimum amount of unique visitors to your blog. Then, you will have higher chance for advertisers to select your blog to run their ad campaigns on. If you are selected, you will be notified by email based on the type and the duration of the ad campaign. When the ad campaign is run, your default Nuffnang ad will be changed to the advertiser’s advertisement for the duration that you have agreed.

Nuffnang new program called Glitterati, is a double blow to Advertlets. This will appreciate their loyal blogger with this exclusive member. You can get more benefits, which is from payment rates, ability to join innit service.

How To Apply for the Nuffnang Glitterati Club?

You do not need to apply and it will automatically be included as a Nuffnang Glitterati as long as you do NOT have any ads from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia. Their crawlers will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours.

30 thoughts on “Nuffnang vs Advertlets”

  1. i cash out advertlets at nov 08, and nuffnang at march 09, i get nuffnang cheque on May09, while still waiting advertlets payment… no respond from them after submit few time ticket already

  2. my advertlets around Rm10 after 1 year -> and i gave up!

    after removing advertlets, i’m now a gliteratti member, and now only < Rm20. Hope to get something out of this stuff though.

  3. @Mr Dream: wah, i scare i may face this kind of situation too, hopefully dont

    @Ah Yang: Based on what i have know from several bloggers, Nuffnang will update once per week.

    @meiyi: So, in conclusion, Nuffnang ads earning will be greater, right?

  4. I add nuffnang on my blogs and so far so good. haven’t cash out anything yet tho. Thanks for your info. It help me a little. Really need to learn from experts.

  5. i’ve been using nuffnang since the start.. good one.. i heard lots of bad stuffs about advertlets too.. but never tried it before..

    nuffnang FTW! =D

  6. I chased like crazy to get advertlets to pay me.. terrible lar!! of cos I did receive my RM100 cheque from advertlets, but that took about 6 months..

    tat’s y now i stick to nuffnang…

  7. I dumped both Nuffnang and Advertlets for Goodle Adsense which in my opinion, is still the best in the world. Besides Adsense is international and you have higher chances of people clicking on your ads from all over the world : )

  8. Josh Lim from Advertlets has invaded my Blog…i couldnt get access into MY OWN BLOG, he blocks my entry….he’s interfering with my intellectual property…

    he said, bcoz i removed Advertlets n bcoz i dont support Advertlets…he blocked me frm accessing my blog…

    JOSH LIM said, if he were to return my blog to me, i’m limited to certain period like 3 or 6 months with NUFFNANG…then i hv to switch to advertlets…he forced me to accept his conditions if were to return my blog to me…


    this is not ethical at all…how could JOSH LIM do this? he thinks he’s a king is it?

    he said he’s holding the card now…if i want back the card, i hv to accept his deal…d card means my blog…deal means i hv to switch from nuffnang to advertlets..

    JOSH LIM is robbing my property…n still hv the guts to bargain with me?by asking me to switch frm NUFFNANG TO ADVERTLETS…

    is this how u ADVERTLETS workS?

    i seriously think what he’s doing is NOT PROFESSIONAL and UNETHICAL…

    he’s forcing blogger to join ADVERTLETS…how can?

  9. I’m a new blogger…and what Josh Lim is doing to me is “Bullying New Blogger”….

    Me n Josh Lim know each other in real life…but he said bcoz I’m his friend, I have to support his Advertlest instead of Nuffnang…else it’s a betrayal…

    What is this? Businesss and Personal dont mixed…

    I’m a free human being who have my freedom to support nuffnang or advertlets…it’s my choice…not his choice…

    Even if Josh Lim restored my blog to me…he has the cookies and he could invade my privacy again in the future…possibly..

    How he has my cookies? Bcoz I logged into my blog with his pc…n didnt log out…then, he used the cookies to invade my blog privacy…

    I’m very sad now…my whole effort in building my blog since 17th September 2010 is now gone…

    I’m a new blogger…have very little IT knowledge…and Josh Lim uses his expertise to bully new blogger…

  10. For new blogger, Josh Lim is not to be trusted…because he’s NOT ETHICAL AND NOT PROFESSIONAL in terms of business…


  11. or perhaps, Josh Lim is just looking for cheap publisity…since Advertlets is fighting with Nuffnang now….Nuffnang has better profesionalism and i believe Nuffnang do not force bloggEr to join them….

    Yes, I admit I’m mad…who will not be mad?I’m the owner of my own blog…n now my own blog is invaded by third party and I as the owner couldnt even access?

    Furthermore, Josh Lim even forced me to accept his terms and condition in order to restore my blog to me…the condition is to remove nuffnang and support advertlets…

    I’m really sad…I’m a NEW BLOGGER…i hv very little IT knowledge…and HE USES HIS EXPERTISE TO BULLY NEW BLOGGER…

    even if he return my blog to me…how do i know if he will not invae my blog again in the future?

    i’m really sad, this is my first time blogging…n all my efforts are gone just like that…I DIDNT SLEEP MANY NIGHTS FOR IT…I PUT SO MUCH DEDICATION INTO IT…

    CRY CRY CRY~~~~

  12. Now I donno whether I should blog again…m really sad…i’m new blogger but i’m treated like this…:( 🙁 🙁 🙁

  13. In my blog, i put Nuffnang first, he saw and asked me to remove it…to put advertlets…i refused…bcoz i wanted to t ry nuffnang before switching to another one..

    me and Josh Lim havent met each other for more than 3 years until recently…never expect he’d do this to me…


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