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Pay per post is the paid posting service that can provide valuable benefits to bloggers. This is the great opportunity for us to choose particular categories and write review on product, services that may benefit your readers…blog ethics

I like pay per post from now onwards since it can provide more guaranteed Internet side income than pay per click program like Google Adsense. Besides, I noticed that a lot of visitors might not perform some clicking on the Google ads that appear on your blog also.

When I was started, I knew nothing on how to make money through blogging, but after certain time of committing in this blogosphere, I learnt something from those pro bloggers who are likely to share what they’ve experienced with me. Most of the bloggers that I have known are more sensible with the ideas that I proposed to them. Some of them might take initiative to give you the perfect solution when I was in bottleneck situation.

The primary reasons that motivated me to sign up this pay per post service is I can write paid post immediately instead of bid options that require you to wait for advertiser approval before you can start writing.

I planned to use those pennies that I have earned from Internet to invest in some of the program that can help to increase my blog traffics. Thus, being advertiser would be my next step.

So, why take an unnecessary risk while you can take simple job here?

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4 thoughts on “Pay Per Post”

  1. hi,

    it nice to read your blog. can get lots of information, like this one about the pay per post. I do agree with you about google adsense,very seldom visitors of the blog will click at those google ads. I have created 2 blogs but am not really satisfied with the content ( me not good in blogging ) . I will take a look at pay per post and maybe this is a much better way for me to earn some extra pocket money online rather than those PTC / PTR program that I’ve joined.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. i agree with what you are saying here. ppp really let me earn more than google ads. but, we still need the PR from google in order to get more ppp jobs. =.=”

  3. I’m a PPP postie as well. Have been for about 16 days now and have earned $149 so far. That averages out to about $300/month to start off with.

    I can’t wait until my site gains PR. Will be a real $$ maker.

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