Paypal Withdrawal Limit Increase For Malaysian


Do you know why I like Paypal? The reason why I choose it for my main Internet payment gateway is because it’s convenient to sending and receiving money. Besides, I always use it to purchase some items online and receive payment.

It’s good news for Malaysian since the Paypal withdrawal limit is increased from previous US$500 to US$2500. Previously, the withdrawal limit was only US$500 with a service charge of US$5 per transaction. So, if you calculate precisely, the service charge will be 1%.

Paypal Lift The Withdrawal Limit From US$500 to US$2500?

Last time, you only can key in up to US$500 everytime you made the Paypal withdrawal. If you key in some amount more than that then you would get an error. But now, you can do that and allowed to proceed to the next step. This greatly minimizes the Paypal withdrawal service charge. At US$2500 withdrawal, the US$5 service charge is only 0.2% of the total amount.

As a valued seller, we are contacting you about a recent improvement that we made to your PayPal account. Your withdrawal limit to your Visa ® debit/credit card has been increased from US$500 to US$2,500 (or equivalent) – giving you faster access to your funds1.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this enhancement! Thank you for continued

The PayPal Team

Paypal Withdrawal Limit For Certain Paypal User Only?

However, it’s like a coins, you can enjoy this benefit any way you wish, but you only can enjoy it once you’ve been selected. This is based on few survey and research that I’ve conducted; I found that it’s only applicable for certain user only. If your transaction amount meets their minimum requirement then you are entitled to get this benefit. Anyway, I still feel very excited with this improvement as I can reduce my transaction cost in future.

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  1. Transfer to Malaysia bank, the exchange rate is bad. interbank -2.5% while if debit card is only $5 per $500 withdrawal. i.e. 1%. If limit increase to $2500, then its only 0.2%. Remember that exchange rate is at at interbank rate.

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