Performance Based Bonus

Just like last year, it’s no difference for the bonus payout time again. Staff performance appraisal and review once again will determine the level of bonus you will get. Besides that, the bonus payouts also depend on how well the firm performs. In the other words, it’s not guaranteed paid for employees.

Performance Based Bonus

However, giving out a bonus is very subjective. Therefore, it would be inevitable that employees are given a standard bonus. This is because each individual has different perceptive; your manager may rate their employees from their own sets of capabilities instead of their subordinates.

From management perspective, if the company made a profit in the last year and they’d like to recognize their potential employees by rewarding them with a bonus. However, we also know that not every employer will give 100% and sometimes it might cause employees dissatisfaction.

From employee perspective, it’s not fair that every employee gets the same amount while some employees can perform better than others. Therefore, the bonus should be based on how well each employee performs. This is because how the bonus is distributed to the employees can impact their next performance.

My Advice for Those Employees Who Are Not Well Performed

If you’re still younger or new beginners you should try to position yourself for learning, experience and gaining potential rather than the earning itself. This is because learning the right way and practicing how to do things right is much more important at the start of the career. So, if you are not receiving any or less than expected bonus then you can try to improve it based on the results of behavior throughout the year.

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