Police Summons Discount Offer up to 50%

Is there amongst of us who has never been issued a traffic summons before? I’m very sure that almost 90% of Malaysian has been issued before. In order to reduce offenders backlog, our government has announced to offer special discount rate for traffic summons which paid within certain time frame. So, it’s the best time for all of the traffic offenders to settle all their police summons.


Starting from 1st December 2010, you can pay all your summons which issued on or before 30th November 2010 at a discounted rate. If your summons settled within 15 days then you will be offered a 50% discount from your original compound. If your summons settled after 15 days but not later than 30 days then you will be offered a 30% discount from your original compound. But, you will be blacklisted if your summons is not settled within 30 days.

All summons are eligible for the discount except those notices issued due to traffic light offense, serious accident cases and have the warrant of arrest against them.

However, it is unfair to those who settled their fines before the discount offer as they may feel huge disappointment. On the other hand, those traffic offenders who have yet to pay clearly then they are the most delighted with the discount.

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