Prudential PRUcash Premier

PRUcash Premier is the latest endowment plan that combines Protection, Savings, and Liquidity. As far as I known, PRUcash premier provides you with an annual guaranteed payout of 4% from the end of the 10th policy year onwards. You can choose to withdraw or left to be accumulated. Meanwhile, you can get additional yearly bonus, which projected at 3% per annum.

Minimum annual premium for a basic plan is RM4,800. Premiums can be paid in yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly via the Autodebit, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque. For multiple credit card holder, this is a great news !!!

The Supplementary Benefits
– In the event of Total Permanent Death before age 60 or death at any time during the policy duration, you or your loved ones will receive 100% of the sum assured plus bonuses and accumulated Survival Benefits.

– Covers death or total loss of body functions due to accident.

– Waives all future premiums upon diagnosis of a critical illness of Life Assured.

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