PruLink Investor Account

There are the things that many of us dream to achieve in the future. However, many have found difficulties of those lifetime plans due to financial disabilities.

At 2nd of July, which is the day that I made my big decision, I have cancel the Maybank Takaful since the plan is not suit for me and withdraw Maybank FD money(RM4k) + own saving(RM1k) to invest in Prudential Investor Account which is under promotion when I joined its.

You can invest and be protected with PRUlink investor account. It is a single premium investment-linked whole life insurance with one-off investments. 95% of your premiums will be used to purchase units in the PRUlink fund.

You also have the flexibility to withdraw some of your cash values if you have a sudden need, and you can top-up at any time. Minimum top-up is as low as RM1,000.

It includes coverage on Death and Total & Permanent Disability (up to age 60). It means that if something bad happens on you then you will get 125% profit. If you invest MYR 10k then you will get MYR 12.5k in the end. So your profit will be MYR 2500.

It’s one of the best funds if you want to grow your wealth quickly, and are willing to take high risk. PRUlink fund does not pay any dividend. It focuses on capital growth in unit price.

2 thoughts on “PruLink Investor Account”

  1. pru link is Investment link policy (ILP), when u grow older, the coverage charges will be very high, and the return interest rate is not guarantee. ILP is the worse policy, and now global stock market is bad, i guess you dont have much money (30% of you have paid) in your prulink policy,

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